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10-bit Number And 8-bit Number Conversion Relationship of the Access Control Card


Usually in the access control system, the 8-bit card number is wiegand26-bit output, the 10-bit card number is wiegand34-bit output.
For example, printing on a card:
0013961168 10-bit card number,
213 02000 3+5 8-bit card number.
10-bit card number 0013961168, convert to hexadecimal is 00 D5 07 D0.
8-bit card number 213 02000, the first 3 digits 213 converted to hexadecimal is D5, the last five digits 02000 converted to hexadecimal is 07 D0.

Therefore, the rules can be found: First, the 10-digit conversion to hexadecimal is 4 bytes, the first byte does not need, the second byte is converted to the first 3 digits of the 8-bit card number, the third and fourth the bytes are converted together into the last 5 digits of the 8-bit card number.
Excel formula=(MOD(X,256*256))+(MOD(INT(X/(256*256)),256)*100000).

It can be seen from the above that the 10-bit card number in the access control attendance system can be converted into an 8-bit card number by an algorithm, and the 8-bit card number is difficult to restore to a 10-bit card number.
Most of the access control attendance systems developed and produced by Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd are compatible with wiegand26 and wiegand34, and the software can also freely choose 8-bit card number or 10-bit card number operation.


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