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4-channel Fixed Split R2000 UHF Reader, 4-channel Fixed UHF Reader

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Product model: RF701 Series

Standard configuration: Serial port, Network port, RS485, Trigger, Relay.
Scalable: Infrared, EAS alarm, 2G, 4G, WiFi.

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Main technical parameters
Chip: Impinj R2000
Frequency range: 860-868MHz/902-928MHz (can be adjusted according to different countries or regions)
FM mode: Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum(FHSS) or fixed frequency, software settings
RF output: 0~33 dBm; 50 Ohm load
Number of antennas (optional): 1 TNC antenna interface/2 TNC antenna interfaces/4 TNC antenna interfaces
Communication interface: 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Wiegand26/34 interface
Communication rate: serial port rate 9600~115200bps, RJ45 10Mbps
Reliable firmware upgrade: scalable upgrade mechanism
General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO): 2 inputs, 2 outputs
Application software interface: provide API development kit and VC and VB, Java application routines
Tag operation performance
Reading distance: 9dbi antenna configuration, typical reading distance 3-25 meters (related to tag performance)
Air Interface Protocol: EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2/ISO 18000-6C/ISO 18000-6B
Maximum receiving sensitivity: -82 dBm; Maximum return loss: 10 Dbm
Mechanical electrical performance
Size: 210(length)×185(width)×53(height)mm
Power supply: power converter with 220V AC input, +12V/3A DC output
Weight: <2KG
Protection level: IEC IP51
Humidity: 5%~95%, non-condensing
Working temperature: -20ºC~+60ºC
Storage temperature: -40ºC~+80ºC

The RF701 Series R2000 UHF Fixed Split Reader is a high-performance, width frequency band and extendibility UHF read/write device, that supports the ISO 18000-6C/6B standard and the EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 protocol. Excellent multi-tag reading performance, support for dense read mode, high-capacity tag reading and writing, Received Signal Strength Detection (RSSI), and optional Network Power (PoE). It has reliable network adaptability and supports multiple network protocols. It is especially suitable for enterprise-scale large-scale batch networking applications, which greatly improves the efficiency of logistics supply chain and effectively reduces the operating costs of enterprises.
RF701 series R2000 split UHF readers can be widely used in manufacturing and supply chain management, digital warehousing management, commercial retail, access control attendance management, meeting attendance, asset management, intelligent transportation and other fields.

Main feature
Supports four-antenna applications, and can be connected to 1/2/4 TNC antennas to expand the practical application identification area.
Received signal strength detection, support for Received Signal Strength Indication(RSSI), can sense the strength of the received signal, determine discrete tags, and have industry-leading anti-jamming performance.
The communication interface is equipped with 10/100M Ethernet interface, RS-232 interface, 4 optical isolation inputs and 4 relay control outputs.
The network protocol supports network protocols such as TCP/IP, DHCP, SSH, FTP, Telnet, and UDP, and is suitable for enterprise-scale large-scale batch networking applications.
The network power supply can be optionally equipped with a network power supply (PoE) function to provide power to the device through the network, simplify management, save resources, and reduce the cost of networking for users.
High degree of protection, aluminum alloy casing, sturdy and durable, suitable for a variety of harsh working conditions.
The appearance is simple and generous, and the on-site construction is simple and easy to install and use.


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