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4 Suction Cups Automobile IC Card Holder, 4 Suction Cups ID Card Fixed Holder

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Product model: F273-4

The 4 suction cups make Holder more firmly adsorption to the car glass.

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Product parameters
Material: ABS/high temperature resistant PC
Product color: Transparent, Beige, can be customized in other colors
Suction cup quantity: 4
Working temperature: -35℃~+75℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~+80℃
Working humidity: 0-95%
Specification: 90×60×6.0mm, or the specified size
Product weight: 12g

Smart IC Card is mainly used for large-distance vehicle management, the installation fixed RFID cards, and other applications require fixed a standard cards. Appearance generous and practical, fixed simple, convenient to insert and take out the cards, usually adsorbed or attached to the inside of the windshield of the vehicle, it can be screwed to wood floors, shelves, walls and so on. IC card fixed holder has suction cups (adsorption cups) type holder and adhesive holder type can be selected.

Method of use:
1, choose good smooth of surface, with cleaning tools to wipe clean
2, to check whether there is dust or dirt, please go ahead to wipe clean
3, will be suction cups press in smooth face off, all required cups outside edge in contact with the glass surface.
4, along the outer Suction cups press with finger, make sure cups completely sealed with the glass surface.
The front-side, left and right sides have holes, can use Suction cups or screws to fix them in the wood plate, shelves, walls, etc.
The back-side is equipped with suction cups, can paste on the car window.


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