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Advantages of JCOP4 series JAVA cards (J2R110|J3R110|J2R150|J3R150|J3R180) in the field of Electronic ID cards


J2R110|J3R110|J2R150|J3R150|J3R180 is the JCOP4 series JAVA card is another peak work after the J2A, J3A, J3D, J3H series. In order to ensure high security and high performance, the data storage capacity is increased, With the Flash chip, the chip’s computing speed is faster and more stable. Before the J3H series JAVA (inclusive), all used EEPROM chips, and after the J3R series (inclusive), all used Flash chips.
The JAVA cards of the current J2R110 | J3R110 | J2R150 | J3R150 | J3R180 chips are divided into EMV and SecID versions. The EMV version is mainly used in the financial field; the SecID version is mainly used in the field of electronic identity(E-ID). The ECC algorithm and Gen Key encryption algorithm are mainly used in the field of electronic ID cards. At present J3R SecID series has obtained CC EAL 6+ certificate. Seabreeze Smart Card Co., Ltd. Can choose the right SecID chip solution for your electronic ID project.
The J3R series JAVA card has 4K of RAM (Trasient Memory), compared with the J3H series, increased by 0.8K, and the APDU Buffer Size is more scalable.

More about JCOP4 series JAVA card (J2R110|J3R110|J2R150|J3R150|J3R180) product introduction and strategy, Shenzhen Seabreeze Smart Card Co., Ltd. welcome your inquiry and exchange!
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