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125KHz & 134.2KHz Dual Frequency ISO 11784 ISO 11785 Protokol Animal Tag Lees Module

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Support FDX-B, EMID and compatible chip, support ISO11784 / ISO11785 international standard protocol.

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model: SMD6900D
werk frekwensie: 134.2KHz, 125KHz
ondersteuning ooreenkoms: ISO11784 / ISO11785
Lees afstand: > 20cm
werk: FDX-B (vol dupleks kommunikasie)
leser chip: sagte dekodering
Werk kragverbruik: 1W
lees koers: 2~ 3 meter / s
bedrading manier: 2.54 Voeg-direk af
Working spanning: 5V
kommunikasie Interface: UART
Baud koers: 9600 bps
grootte: 43.43× 34,65 × 2mm
Werkstemperatuur: -20℃ ~ + 70 ℃
humiditeit: 5%~ 95%

SMD6900D Model 125KHz & 134.2KHz dual-band animal tag read module is a low-frequency ID tag reader module developed by Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd. It supports ISO11784 / ISO11785 protocol standard, comes with CPU super decoding, readable FDX-B and EMID data format tag, Read animal ear mark more than 20cm. Equipped with 62mm diameter circular antenna, and another 133 mm antenna, 210 mm antenna optional. Read speed of less than 30 milliseconds, stable performance, high reliability; UART communication interface, TTL level, ultra-low power Consumption, without having to understand complex RF communication protocol, maklik om te bedryf.
Can provide interface description and development documents.

Working frequency is compatible with 134.2KHz and 125KHz
Support FDX-B, EMID and compatible chip cards such as EM4305, EM4205, EM4100, TK4100, TK4200, TK4001 and other chips
Support ISO11784 / ISO11785 international standard protocol
Read 2×12 glass tube distance is 8 cm above, read animal ear mark more than 20 cm, with a large antenna readable 40 cm;
Read speed of 30 milliseconds, other manufacturers need 100 milliseconds module. Used in the AGV card reader up to 2~3 meter/s, read very stable
UART communication interface, direct output card number, maklik om te bedryf
Ultra-low power, sleep state can be as low as micro-amp level
Adopted insert-directly installation, klein grootte, can be easily integrated into the AGV card reader, PDA or industrial equipment
Reliable quality, defect rate of less than one ten thousandths

Related applications
Animal Management, AGV Positioning Navigation, Arowana Management, Forestry and Tree Management, Production Line Automation, Material Transportation Management, Vehicle Management, Railway Inspection, Key Asset Management, Hydropower Management, ens.

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