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18000-6B Inlay, UCODE HSL(SL3 ICS30) inlegsel

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ISO 18000-6B protocol, Global 860~960MHz band, the world's only code.

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materiaal: PET + Al Ets Antenna
protokol standaard: ISO 18000-6 tipe B
Geheue: UID 64bits(ter nagedagtenis grepe 0-7), read-only
gebruiker: 216grepe, R / W
Frekwensie: 860~ 960MHz
programmering siklusse: 100,000 keer
behoud data: 10 jaar
ESD: ± 1KV (HBM) Mens af(HBM) ESD Spanning Immuniteit
maatskappy af: passiewe

ISO18000-6B inlay is a passive smart tags, conforms to the ISO18000-6B standard of the electronic label, the label has a long-range identification and high speed anti collision mechanism, can be applied to intelligent weighing management,highways (roads and bridges), electronic toll collection management, Vehicle license plate security identification management, vehicle marshalling scheduling management, intelligent parking lots of field management, port of entry and exit vehicle inspection management, port container management etc..
The ISO18000-6B tag, can run in 860~960MHz UHF band, the frequency range is wide (up to 100MHz bandwidth, in order to facilitate the regional UHF tag frequency selection,To facilitate regional UHF tags frequency points to choose, to be able to communicate with the local telecom business 900MHz frequency stagger applications), its machines use frequency-hopping is available and not subject to change radio frequency band plan in different areas of impact,thus allowing the same tag can be read anywhere in the world. Tags with anti-collision performance, can be deployed in a variety of environments worldwide, has read / write field programmability and faster tag read / write speed, can run in dense reader environments and other functions.
Use ISO18000-6 international standard protocol.
Large storage capacity,to record a large number of properties and information, particularly useful for goods-related data to track feedback, queries and terminal information.

Typical application
Item of supply and marketing management, warehousing, asset management. Tobacco transportation pallet, mold repair tracking, look for more patrol, check-in, container identification,Computer aided software engineering tracking.

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