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EAS Store Alarm

» EAS Store Alarm

58KHz akoestisch Magnetiese Anti-diefstal Sagte Tag

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PVC material, super adhesion.

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opsporing frekwensie: 58kHz
materiaal: PVC + Chip
Kleur: wit
vorm Spesifikasies: 45.21× 10,67 × 1,89 mm
Eksterne magneetveld: < 8 Gauss
verpakking spesifikasies: 108stuks internasionale verenigde setwerk

58KHZ Acousto Magnetic DR Tag is the highest sensitivity anti-theft label, mainly used in the supermarket goods anti-theft system. With anti-metal shield, wide monitoring broadband, almost zero false positives and other prominent advantages.
A wide range of uses: From hardware to software Various types of goods, including sports products, apparel and fashion, household products, food, beauty care products, footwear, hardware tools, toys and consumer electronics products can be used.

Application Guide
Soft label should be posted on the surface of smooth and dry goods, can be any direction, keep the label straight, do not fold! The maximum camber does not exceed 1 degree.
Do not stick soft labels where the item has important description.
In order to prevent someone from tearing off the label, the label is very sticky. If you forcibly remove the label, the surface of the product will be damaged. daarom, in the gift category, leather products and books and other goods paste labels, should be considered in advance.

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