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EAS Store Alarm

» EAS Store Alarm

EAS Klere Anti-diefstal FM Sagte Tag, EAS Klere Anti-diefstal AM Sagte Tag, Klere EAS Bron Tag

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EAS Store Alarm , , , , ,

produk model: ER482

Able to ODM and OEM product range: size and specification, material, druk, frequency type--FM (8.2MHz) / AM (58KHz) / HF (13.56MHz) / UHF (860~ 960MHz).

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Main tegniese parameters
Frekwensie: aanpas 8.2MHz / 58KHz / HF 13.56MHz / UHF 860 ~ 960MHz
materiaal: Nie-geweefde / Nylon / Polyester
grootte: 45× 65mm / 18 × 60mm / 18 × 70mm / 20 × 62mm / 20 × 72mm / 28 × 62mm, kan aangepas word
Kleur: wit of persoonlike
druk: LOGO, patroon, teks, aantal, QR code gedruk kan word op die oppervlak

The RF composite EAS anti-theft soft tag is an EAS anti-theft tag formed by compounding an RF tag with a non-woven fabric in the middle. It is characterized by strong concealment, beautiful appearance and more convenient use. According to customer requirements, different text descriptions or patterns can be printed on the surface of the composite label.
When your company's clothing gets orders from European and American countries, it is generally necessary to use anti-theft tags. Now most of the top 100 supermarket chains in European and American countries use the 58KHz acoustic magnetic anti-theft system. To enter the European and American supermarkets, you must affix DR anti-theft magnetic strip (DR anti-theft tag) on the products.
Die UPP (Universal Product Protection) is a joint collaboration between retailers and product manufacturers. Manufacturers add electronic anti-theft tags during the production and packaging of goods, changing the past practice of pasting anti-theft tags when they are put in stores, which is convenient and quick.

EAS Klere Anti-diefstal FM Sagte Tag, EAS Klere Anti-diefstal AM Sagte Tag, Klere EAS Bron Tag, van Seabreeze Smart Card Co, Ltd.
Op hierdie manier, the anti-theft tag is not only placed more concealed, it is not easy to be found and destroyed, thereby reducing the loss of goods; And the goods that are not suitable for sale are sold because of the use of anti-theft tag protection, increasing the desire of customers to buy, promoting a substantial increase in sales, so that retailers and manufacturers benefit together.

EAS anti-theft soft tags are mainly used in the textile, clothing and retail industries, and can be sewn on products like other tags. It can also replace some descriptive tags such as nameplates.
Source tag application range: all kinds of products from hardware to software, including sports products, clothing and apparel, household products, food, beauty and health products, footwear, hardware tools, toys, books, audiovisual products and consumer electronics.


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