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RFID afscherming Film, RFID Elektromagnetiese afscherming Film

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RFID transparent shielding film effectively shields high-frequency, ultra-high frequency signals.

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spesifikasies: breedte 1m / 1.5m
Beskermende film materiaal: PE
Deursigtige geleidende filmmateriaal: PET
gom: optiese druk sensitiewe gom
rooster vorm: vierkante 45 grade hoek rooster
Sigbare lig oordraagbaarheid: ≥80
oppervlak weerstand (geleidende oppervlak): ≤ 0.2
oordraagbaarheid verandering: ≤5%

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RFID transparent shielding film is a kind of very fine metal grid film. When ensuring high light transmittance, when the electromagnetic wave transmission path encounters an electromagnetic shielding film, the film effectively blocks radio waves, infrared, ultraviolet and other electromagnetic waves transmission, which can successfully block the impact of information leakage, electronic eavesdropping and electromagnetic radiation, ensure the normal operation of equipment, and avoid the impact of electromagnetic radiation.
RFID transparent metal grid shielding film has high light transmittance and excellent electromagnetic shielding effectiveness; Good window visual tone; it is easy to compound and paste; it can be customized according to specific technical design requirements, specifications, hardening treatment, adhesive processing, ens. to meet the electromagnetic compatibility of shielding materials Multiple needs.
Transparent shielding film can be used in unmanned supermarkets, RFID smart counters.
The width of RFID shielding film is 1 meter and 1.5 meter, which can be cut and processed according to customer requirements.

RFID transparent shielding film features
Can effectively shield high-frequency, ultra-high frequency signals. This film has a shielding efficiency of up to 50DB, a light transmission rate of up to 81%, military industry quality, and its standard is 4 times higher than that of the RFID standard. It can completely shield the signal without leakage, and has higher light transmittance than the front windshield of the car. This film has a back adhesive that can be attached to glass and is the most cost-effective windows shield solution.

Product application
The RFID transparent metal mesh shielding film application includes high-resolution CRT displays, color displays, LCDs, and EL displays, and can be used as a transparent electromagnetic wave shielding film for a plasma television, a touch screen conductive film, a polymer, and a dye-sensitized solar battery anode and so on. Meet the needs of the defense industry's EMC products: window shielding for military reinforced displays, electronic shelters, and communications electronics;
Electromagnetic interference, information leakage: kommunikasie, medical, electronic information in the field of various types of precision instrumentation display windows, security room glass doors and windows, shielded cabinets and other windows shielding;
Electromagnetic radiation protection: various displays, mobile phones, lamps, microwave ovens and hospitals, large-scale laboratory equipment, and other types of electronic equipment that radiate to the human body;
Plasma filter front screen; instead of conductive film used in the field of touch screen;
Flexible thin film solar cells, electronic paper, flexible screens and other transparent conductive electrodes;
Application of flexible conductive pattern materials such as PCB\RFID antennas.


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