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model: YJ-R95CD
Werk frekwensieband: 125KHz / 13.56Mhz
standaard protokol: ISO 14443 TypeA
tipe leser kaart: EM4102, EM4200, TK4100 / 14443A protokol tag soos Mifare 1K S50, Mifare S70 4K
Lees reeks: 0~ 80mm
Lees tyd: <100Me
Lees spoed: 0.2s
Lees interval tyd: 0.5s
kommunikasie Interface: USB
Bedryfspanning: 5V
bedryfstelsel huidige: 100mA
werk temperatuur: -20° C ~ + 70 ° C
bedryfstelsel: WinXP, Vista, WinCE, Win7, Win10, LIUNX, Android
status aanwyser: 2-kleur LED (“rooi” krag LED, “groen” status aanwyser)
Ingeboude speaker: sirene, beheerbaar LED en sirene
uitvoer formaat: standaard front 10 digitale
gewig: 220G
grootte: 133× 80 × 16mm
Data lyn lengte: 1.5M
Kleur: (opsioneel) swart of wit

YJ-R95 series Digital Keypad RFID Reader is a digital key button type RFID reader which is specially developed for the consumption management system. It is an integrated drive-free card reading device. During use, you can freely plug (prop en speel), without using external power, the user does not need to load any driver, and you can output the UID of the ID or IC card to your the terminal of computer or Android device through the data interface. Equivalent to automatic keyboard entry card number. This product is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotelle, vergaderingbywoning, club membership management and so on.
YJ-R95 series readers are compatible with a wide range of systems, PC side: Windows2000/XP32/XP64/Vista32/Viste64/Windows7/Windows10.
When reading a smart card, the card number is output via USB to the member management software input place of the computer, or the Word or Notepad file, which is equivalent to the automatic keyboard input card number.
Android phone requires an OTG adapter cable. The reader is connected to the OTG adapter and is connected to the Android device via the OTG cable. The position of the cursor when reading is the output card number. The android-enabled mobile phones and tablets needs to support OTG functionality. (Only USB interface and serial interface reader support Android system device, the keyboard port reader does not support.)
YJ-R95 series card reader outputs the front 10 digital card numbers by default. Please inform if you need other output format of the card numbers.

Strong stability, wide compatibility, high cost performance.
Use plexiglass keys botton and never wear.
The power comes from the host computer and no external power supply is required.
The LED indicator and buzzer sound to identify the success and failure of the card reader.

Mainly used in member consumption management system, payment platform, fast food restaurant ordering system, office, shopping malls, klub lidmaatskap bestuur, nightclub entertainment management and other fields.

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