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ACR122U-A9 NFC አንባቢ, Felica, Mifare ድጋፍ, ISO 14443A / B

ምድብ እና መለያዎች:
Lf / HF አንባቢ, NFC ምርቶች , , ,

ACR122U NFC Reader complies with the ISO / IEC18092 Near Field Communication (NFC) standard and supports Mifare® cards, አይኤስኦ 14443 Class A and Class B cards, and all four NFC tags.
Conforms to CCID and PC / SC standards for plug-and-play USB devices.

  • መግለጫዎች
  • መግለጫ
  • ዋና መለያ ጸባያት

ልኬቶች: 98ሚሜ (L)× 65mm (ወ)× 12.8mm (H)
ሚዛን: 70ግራም
በይነገጽ: የ USB ሙሉ ፍጥነት
የመንቀሳቀሻ ርቀት: ≤50mm
አቅርቦት ቮልቴጅ: ክትትል 5V ዲሲ
አቅርቦት የአሁኑ: 200MA(የክወና); 50MA(ተጠንቀቅ); 100MA(የተለመደ)
የክወና ሙቀት: 0° ሴ ~ + 50 ° ሴ
የክወና ድግግሞሽ: 13.56ሜኸ
ደረጃዎች / የዕውቅና: ISO14443 1-4, ዓ.ም, የ FCC, RoHS ያከብራል
ስርዓተ ክወና ድጋፍ: ዊንዶውስ 2000, 2003, XP32, XP64, ቪስታ 32 እና ቪስታ 64

The ACR122 is a PC-linked contactless smart card reader/writer developed on the 13.56MHz Contactless (RFID) Technology and followed the ISO/IEC18092 Standard for Near Field Communication (NFC), supporting not only Mifare ISO 14443 A and B cards but also NFC and FeliCa contactless technologies, CCID compliance.
Be available in module form for easy integration into bigger machines
Ideal for both secure personal identity verification and online micro-payment transactions.
መተግበሪያዎች: የመዳረሻ መቆጣጠሪያ, e-payment, e-ticketing for events and mass transit, toll road fare collection and network authentication.
The proximity operating distance of ACR122 is up to 5 ሴሜ, depending on the type of contactless tag in use. Operating distance can be extended on request by adding an RF boaster, so the ACR122 is suitable for logistics and supply chain management.
ACR122 can be optionally integrated with an ISO7816-3 SAM slot to increase security. ACR122 is available in module form for easy integration into bigger machines, like POS terminals, physical access devices and vending machines.
To experience this excellent performance, high flexibility of equipment to bring you convenience!

ACR122U-A9 NFC አንባቢ, Seabreeze ስማርት ካርድ Co., Ltd ከ

የተለመደ መተግበሪያዎች:
Home Banking and Home Shopping
Checking the balance of electronic purses
Network access control
Customer Loyalty Program
Identification and Authentication
Online gaming
Parking and toll collection
Automatic Fare Collection
Public Transportation Terminals
Physical Access Control
Time attendance
Vending machines
Contactless public phones
Logistics and supply chain management




የ USB ሙሉ ፍጥነት (12 Mbps)
Bi-Color LED
Built-in Antenna
NFC ReaderISO/IEC18092 (NFC) ያከብራል
NFC Tags Access Speed = 424 ኪባ

Contactless Smart Card ReaderSupport FeliCa card
Support ISO 14443 አይነት & B cards
- MIFARE cards (Classics, DESFire)

CCID Standard
CE and FCC Certificated
RoHS ያከብራል
User Controllable Buzzer (ግዴታ ያልሆነ)
SAM Socket (ግዴታ ያልሆነ)

አጣሪ ቅጽ ( እኛ በተቻለ ፍጥነት ወደ እርስዎ ያገኛሉ )


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