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ካርድ አጥፋ በጥግ, Scratchie ካርድ, ጭረት ቲኬት, የይለፍ ቃል ሽፋን ፊልም ካርድ

ምድብ እና መለያዎች:
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Scratch Cards can be custom sized and can also be made into paper cards.

  • መግለጫዎች
  • መግለጫ

ሞዴል: YX704
ቁሳዊ: PVC
ልክ: CR80-ISO 86mmX54mm ወይም በጥያቄ ላይ
ወፍራምነት: 0.76ሚሜ ወይም ደንበኛ ያስፈልጋል ውፍረት አይገኝም ናቸው
ቀለም: ውስጥ የታተሙ ይቻላል 1 ሁለቱም ጎኖች ላይ ሙሉ ቀለም, እንዲሁም ደግሞ ቀለሞችን ወይም የሐር ማያ ቀለሞች pantone
ዕደ-ጥበብ: የሚያበራ, ማቴ, ፓነሎች ጠፍቷል ታካላችሁ, መግነጢሳዊ የጥቅልል, የአሞሌ, ቀዳዳ ከደበደበ, ትኩስ Stamping ወርቅ / በብር ቀለም, ፊርማ ፓነል የቅርጽ ቁጥር, አማቂ ማተሚያ, የአልትራቫዮሌት ማተሚያ, የሌዘር engaving, ወዘተ

Scratch Card (also called a scratch off, scratch ticket, scratcher, scratchie, scratch-it, scratch game, scratch-and-win or instant game) is a small token, usually made of cardboard, where one or more areas contain concealed information: they are covered by a substance (usually latex) that cannot be seen through, but can be scratched off.
Card surface is covered with numbers and letters and other text passwords coatings, and therefore also called scratch coating password card (Password coating film card), debit card or billing code card.

ካርድ አጥፋ በጥግ, Scratchie ካርድ, ጭረት ቲኬት, የይለፍ ቃል ሽፋን ፊልም ካርድ, Coating Film Password Card, SeabreezeRFID.com ከ
Applications include gambling (especially lottery games), quizzes, and to conceal PINs for telephone calling cards and other prepaid services.
In some cases, the entire scratchable area needs to (or may be) scratched to see whether a prize has been won, or to reveal the secret code; the result for the cardholder does not change based on what portions are scratched off or not. In other cases, selected areas have to be scratched; this may apply in a quiz, where the area corresponding to the right answer is scratched, or in gambling, where depending on which areas are scratched one wins or loses. In these cases the card becomes invalid if too many areas are scratched. After losing one can scratch all areas to see if, how, and what one could have won with this card.

Enterprises, school, club, ማስታወቂያ, traffic, super market, የመኪና ማቆሚያ, bank, government, insurance, medical care, promotion, tourist tickets, visiting, ወዘተ.

250ተኮዎች / ሳጥን, 10boxes/carton for standard size card or customized boxes or cartons as required

Lead time
according to order quantity and production process, 7-10 days after approval for design document.


የውድድር ብልጫ:
ልምድ ሠራተኞች;
እጅግ በጣም ጥሩ ጥራት;
ምርጥ ዋጋ;
ፈጣን መላኪያ;
ትልቅ አቅም እና ምርቶች መካከል ሰፊ ክልል;
ትንሽ ትዕዛዝ ተቀበል;
ደንበኛ ጥያቄ መሠረት ODM እና የኦሪጂናል ምርቶች.




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