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EAS Store Alarm

» EAS Store Alarm

8.2Oznaka EAS Nakit protiv krađe papira serije MHz, Meka oznaka protiv krađe EAS-a

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Model proizvoda: ER300

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Glavni tehnički parametri
frekvencija: 8.2MHz (dekodiran / nedekodiran / proziran / termalni papir)
veličina etiketa: Ø30 / 40mm / 30 × 30mm / 40 × 40mm, može se prilagoditi
Detekcija udaljenosti: 1.20m ~ 1,50m
boja: Barkod / bijelo / crno ili korisnik naveden
pakovanje: 10,000kom / karton (500kom / roll)

The 8.2MHz series of EAS jewelry anti-theft paper tags are mainly used for anti-theft of gold and silver jewelry stores. The design and manufacture of the tags can fully meet the high requirements for labels quality and performance of retailers and manufacturers participating in the "source tag plan". The surface of the label is the same as the ordinary sticker, and the surface can print barcodes, LOGO, patterns or other product information.
The 8.2MHz series of EAS jewelry anti-theft paper labels are of stable quality and superior performance. They are suitable for all 8.2MHz decoding systems and detection systems produced by various production plants. They have good adhesion, high alarm performance, and various styles. Design drawings according to the requirements of customers or make patterns according to the designs already designed by customers to ensure the needs of customers.

8.2Oznaka EAS Nakit protiv krađe papira serije MHz, Meka oznaka protiv krađe EAS-a, 8.2MHz Jewelry Soft Tag, Seabreeze SmartCard Co.,Ltd.

The 8.2MHz jewelry anti-theft paper label is a radio frequency soft label. The radio frequency(FM) anti-theft door can be used. The acoustomagnetic(AM) anti-theft door is not universal. Please confirm whether the anti-theft door is radio frequency or acoustomagnetic when purchasing. This label is applicable to all 8.2MHZ wireless radio frequency anti-theft systems. It is recommended to be used on products that cannot be installed with hard labels, such as glasses, IT computer accessories and other valuables.
Instructions for use: The soft label is paste to the product to protect the product. When the goods with soft labels pass through the cashier counter and also pass through the decoder, the decoded goods can pass through the anti-theft alarm door. If there is no decoding, the anti-theft door will send out an alarm signal.

Glavna karakteristika
Compatible with all 8.2MHz FM decoding systems and detection systems.
High sensitivity, excellent detectability and decoding performance.
The product has strong and reliable adhesiveness.
Surface coated paper has excellent performance, suitable for printing barcodes, trademarks and other printing needs.
The label surface style is rich and can be selected: sjajan, barkod, other styles according to customer requirements.

Scope of application
Applicable to anti-theft of gold and silver jewelry products, can also be used in supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, audio-visual stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, cosmetics stores, glasses stores, libraries, bookstores, open-frame pharmacies and other commercial places.


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