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Dual USB Interface Access UHF Reader, Access Control Dual USB Interface UHF 915MHz Reader

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IEC/ISO 18000-6C (EPC G2) or ISO 18000-6B protocol selectable, 860MH~960MHz range can customized.

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Model: RU6210
Operating frequency: Chiness standard (920~925MHz), American standard (902~928MHz) or customized frequency band for frequency hopping or fixed frequency operation
Support protocol: ISO 18000-6C (EPC G2) / ISO 18000-6B, select one of them
Antenna: Built-in
Antenna gain: 3 dbi
Output power: 0.25W adjustable
Working power: USB power supply
Data interface: 1.USB to serial port. 2.USB to keyboard input
Tags reading time: single tag 96bit (12 BYTE) ID number read time <6ms
Tags Writing time: single tag 96bit (12 BYTE) ID number rewrite time <20ms
Reading range: Stable reading 80 cm
Write time: stable writing 10~15 cm
Working temperature: -20℃~+ 65℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~+95℃
Material: ABS
Reader size: 120 *78 *28mm
Packing size: 220×200×50mm
Net weight: 0.2KG
Package weight: 0.6KG

The RU6210 model UHF Reader is a dual USB communication UHF read/write device developed by the Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd. It is designed to meet the user's card management in the background or in the management center. It has high sensitivity, low operating current, single-channel DC power supply, low cost, and high performance. This product can read cards, write cards, authorization, formatting and other operations. It can be convenient for customers to achieve various types of virtual keyboard output; compact and beautiful, light weight, easy to carry, USB power supply, read and write data is stable and reliable; fully support the ISO-18000-6C (EPC G2) protocol. Compatible with the standard Wiegand 26 / Wiegand 34 interface, compatible with a variety of protocols, and can be directly connected with the control device with the standard Wiegand 26, Wiegand 34 interface, without development, easy to use. Dual USB interface RU6210 model UHF reader has strong anti-interference. When a tag is read, only the tag that is awakened can communicate with the reader/writer, preventing interference from other tags outside the system, and ensuring reliable and accurate exchange of tag information between the reader and the system. The operating frequency uses Chinese standards (920~925MHz), American standards (902~928MHz) or custom frequency hopping or fixed frequency work.
Two USB ports, 1. The left side is USB to serial port, the connection software to modify the parameters, to facilitate the development. 2. The right is virtual to keyboard input, can directly saved as WORD\EXCEL\TXT and other files, can read Wiegand and other formats.

Compatible with ISO 18000-6C and ISO 18000-6B protocols
Compatible with standard Wiegand 26 / Wiegand 34 interface
Low operating current, single DC supply
With 1 trigger signal input and 1 relay signal output
Integrated industrial design, waterproof sunscreen, easy installation
Provide SDK development kit, and provide C#, VC, VB development routines.
Provide DEMO software to automatic reading and writing the tags, very easy for customers to issue and write tags.

Software: Provides automatic card writing, card reading DEMO software, easy for customers to issue and write cards.
Development Kit: Provide SDK development kit, C#, VC, VB, Delphi, Java and other call routines, and WINCE, LINUX driver development.

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