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Embedded UHF Tyre Spring Tag, Anti-theft Tire Management Spring Tag

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Small size, soft, suitable for embedded tires.

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RFID chip: Alien H3
Frequency: UHF 860~960 MHz (Conform to the ETSI standards)
Protocol standard: ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2
Store information: EPC-96bit, User Memory-512bit, TID-64bit
Work mode: read/write
Read distance: 0-2M (According to antenna performance and use environment)
Power supply: passive
Suggested use: temperature -25℃~+230℃
Store humidity: 20%-90%
Working temperature: -40℃~+230℃
Long-term temperature tolerance: +90℃
Erasable times: 100,000 times
Data storage: 10 years
Tensile strength: General
Elongation: General
Material: high temperature resistant material
Dimensions: 84mm length×1mm diameter (wire), 4mm width (chip)
Weight: 2g

UHF Embedded Tyre Tag, Anti-counterfeiting
Anti-theft Tyre Management Spring Tag, Embedded UHF Tyre Tag, Anti-counterfeiting Tyre Management Spring Tag, Anti-theft Tyre Management Spring Tag, Embedded UHF Tire Spring Tag, Anti-theft Spring Tire Tag

UHF RFID embedded tire tag design, high temperature, especially in the tire curing process, and can last the entire life of the tire, track the tire from manufacture to the user, until the scrapped the whole process. Operates in the band 860~960MHz and has a reading distance of up to 1 meter. Complies with ISO 16000-6C or EPC class 1 Gen2 standards.
The label is embedded in the tire mold prior to tire manufacture and vulcanization so that the tire can be electronically tracked. It has a factory-programmed tag identification number to prevent cloning, with a 96-bit programmable EPC number and 192-bit user memory with lockout.
ODM and OEM products according to customer's needs.

Scope of application: Anti-counterfeiting anti-theft tyre management, tire track management, tire production management, tire sales management.


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