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Interface: RJ45, TCP/IP
Operating frequency: 13.56MHz
Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 0.2W
Induction distance: 0~10cm
Read time: 0.08s
Induction: non-contact
Apply card types: MF 1k S50/S70 series
Dimensions: length 13.4cm×wide 17.5cm×high 3.4cm
Packing: 27cm×14cm×6cm
Weight: 0.47kg

Can customized: Keyboard, Liquid Crystal Display, R/W all sectors, Switching Signal Output.

Technical note:
1, the computer and reader can be used in different gateway support multilayer network use.
2, this card reader is more economical resources than TCP to use, fast and easy to develop for connectionless transport layer protocol (UDP protocol), and bring their own carry data packets no feedback three bout send mechanism, put an end to the computer to leave out read card information.
3, reasonable, simple and easy operation method set parameters:
a, If set reader parameters, first run the set software, network cable connection reader, reader disconnect the power, connect the power again to restart the card reader, set software list will appear the card reader parameter record, choose the record and according to the software interface operate can set the card reader parameters, including reader itself IP address, subnet mask, reader corresponding to the remote computer IP address.
b, can also click "search all link reader" query reader.
c, supports batch modify reader of the target computer IP address, can be used to quickly all reader in the network point to any a computer.
4, the reader can send card number to computer, can also accept all kinds of noise from the computer control.
5, support PING network function, support functions of simulated keyboard output card number.
6, when reading return content: card number, reader number, IP address, etc., can also be free customization by the customer, support 13.56MHz MF 1K S50, S70 card, induction distance 5~10 cm.
7, DC 12V power supply, the maximum working load current < 0.08A, support point to point communication line between maximum length 50m~80m (affected by twisted-pair cable quality and outer interference signal strength).
8, can be customized to support various types of card, such as T5557 card, ISO14443 TypeB card, ISO15693 card series, etc.
9, when write a reader interface in the software development platform, you simply use the platform of own similar winsock control, direct use UDP control better. provide C#, VB.NET, DELPHI, VB, VC, C++BUILDRPowerBuilder, VFP example source code, copy can be used commonly, to reduce trouble, before buying, please download and test software development kit: HSCR-011,TCPIP reader development kit.rar,then check whether you need the product.
10, If you want to know more detailed secondary development document please download(or contact get): TCP/IP Reader Communication Protocol 20160326.doc.


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