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Identificación de animais

» Identificación de animais

  • Handheld Long Distance Animal ID Tag Reader, 134.2KHz, ISO11784/11785, FDX-B

    Identificación de animais, Lector LF / HF , , , , , , , , ,

    Product model: DH-134

    Built-in Bluetooth module.
    Low price and affordable, full-featured and easy to use.
    Support for ISO11784 / ISO11785 animal management standard protocol, support for FDX-B protocol animal tags, sensing long distance.
    125KHz models can be customized for AIDC, data acquisition, asset management, identification, access control and time attendance.

    • Specifications
    • Description

    Main technical parameters
    Work frequency: AM 134.2K, 125KHz customizable
    Support agreement: ISO11784/ISO11785, FDX-B
    Supply voltage: 3.7V detachable lithium battery
    Tag reading distance: More than 20cm (30mm ear tag)
    Storage space: Up to 60000 records
    Support language: Chinese or English
    temperatura de traballo: -40°C~+85°C
    Mostrar: 128×64 LED
    tamaño: 175×77×35mm
    Weight: 177gram

    DH-134 model Handheld long distance animal ID Tag Reader specialized in animal identification, built-in 3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries, lithium batteries can directly charging is convenient to use. Machine small volume and facilitating moving, read long distance, high sensitivity. Built-in Bluetooth module to facilitate data communication. Can choose Chinese or English.
    The products compatible ISO 11784/ISO 11785 animal management standard protocol, support for FDX-B animals tag and low-frequency ID tag reading, widely applied to animal management, precious fish tracking and trees forest management, and other industries.
    After many years and several technical improvements, the current DH-134 handheld RFID tag reader has better performance and the induction effect is more stable, the product is more suitable for your market promotion.

    Animal management, fish management, trees of forestry management
    Chickens, geese, duck, poultry management
    Pig, cattle, sheep and other livestock management
    Fish management
    Dog, cat, horse pet identification management
    Commodity anti-counterfeiting
    Access control
    Asset tracking management
    Warehouse management

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