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KR209G Access Control Reader, Wiegand, RS232, RS485, ABA format output

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Can customizable read for EM4102 and compatible ID card, Mifare 1k S50 and compatibility IC card

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Model: KR209G
Read card types: EM4102 and compatible ID card, Mifare 1k S50 and compatibility IC card
Izlazni format: Wiegand 26 bit (default output), Wiegand 34 bit (grey wire connection can become WG34 output)
Pročitajte udaljenost: 5~ 10 cm
Rad frekvencija: 125KHz/13.56MHz
Response speed: < 0.2a
Read card interval: < 0.5a
radni napon: DC 9V~16V (suggest using DC 12V)
Static current: < 35majka
Dynamic current: < 70majka
Extension interface: extensible RS485/RS232/ABA output format
Radni uvjeti: temperature -25℃~+75℃, humidity 10%~90%
Built-in speaker: zvučni signal
Waterproof and dustproof: Da
Ugrađena antena: Da
Anti statički: 15Kv
Over-current over-voltage protection: Da
Connection distance: Wiegand≤100 meters, RS485≤1200 meters, RS232/ABA≤10 meters
Boja: Crno
Veličina: length 133×width 39.5×height 25mm
Shell materijala: PVC and powder-coated, interior can be poured black resin glue (effective waterproof)

KR209 access card reader preclude the use of advanced RF receiver circuit design and industrial-grade embedded microcontrollers, combined with efficient decoding algorithm to complete the 64bits Read-Only uem4100-compatible ID card receiver with high sensitivity, low operating current , Single DC power supply, low price, high performance. Built-in buzzer and LED indicator, simple and clear. Jednostavna instalacija, complete functions, wide range of uses, is ideal for all types of access control systems.

Main features
Three-dimensional appearance, with EM, Mifare read head optional
Working current is less than 60mA
With output protection
Anti-metal shield and card reader mutual interference ability
Wiegand 26bit standard format data output
Comes with a Wiegand 26 to Wiegand 34 conversion.
In line with international standards of wiring, expandable RS232, RS485 output.
Moisture and dustproof, all sealed design and installation is simple, can be installed outdoors and other harsh conditions, no mechanical wear durable
In line with China national GB/T17626.4 standards/IEC61000-4-4 standard electrical fast transient burst immunity test (4000V, 5KHz highest test parameters).

Instructions for use
When the card is close to the card reader, the red light turns green and then turns red, the buzzer sounds to send the data, the same ID card, the interval between two readings is shorter than 500mS, no data is sent . After the card reader, if ID, IC card is still in the RF card sensor area, the reader will not do any tips, do not send data. Different ID, IC card into the RF card sensing area, card reader continuous reading, and output data.

identifikacija, kontrola pristupa, attendance, charging, sigurnosti, patrola, building intercom, parking management system, highway, one-card solution, e-commerce and other RFID applications.


Konkurentska prednost:
iskusnog osoblja;
Izvrsna kvaliteta;
Najbolja cijena;
Brza dostava;
Veliki kapacitet i širok asortiman proizvoda;
Prihvati malo reda;
ODM i OEM proizvodi prema zahtjevu kupca.


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