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    Ki gen konpòtman egzanplè: YJ30 series
    Operating frekans: 125Ke
    Fully support: uem4100 compatible format ID card (64 Bits, Manchester code)
    Read card Type: EM4100, TK4100, EM4001, TK4101, EM4102 or compatible chip
    mòd Travay: Li sèlman
    Induction distance: 1~10cm
    vitès Kominikasyon: 106Kbit/s
    Serial baud rate: 9600Kbit/s
    Read Time: <100ms
    Power: DC 5V(± 5%)
    Work current: <100ma
    Entèfas: RS232/USB
    Expansion I/O interface: no
    Status indication: 2-color LED indication, power red, reader green
    tanperati Operating: -10℃ ~ + 70 ℃
    tanperati depo: -20℃ ~ + 80 ℃
    Relative humidity: 0~ 95%
    Kantite moun ki: 110×80×26mm or 105×70×12mm
    Koulè: Nwa

    125KHz EM4102 Chip ID Card Reader to implement the card serial number directly transmitted to the computer via USB/RS232 ports and users in using the load driver, have the power, insert the card machine computer USB interface, card indicates a red light and green light flash, until you hear the buzzer rang two lights show only after the red light, can begin a credit card, credit card after the card number is displayed in the location of the cursor. Use the management software to manage card number, produce many functions. This card reader can read, can't write.
    If used for access control reader, card number format can optional 8H10D, 6H10D, 6H8D, 2H3D4H5D, 8H, 6H, 4H5D4H5D, optional rid of leading zeros, with enter key, can also be customized, default format 8H10D, with enter key.

    Matters needing attention
    There is a switch at the bottom of the card reader(Specified), you can adjust the output 8 digits numbers.
    Card reader is installed in the location of the convenient operation, avoid close to the monitor, because the monitor radiation may interfere with the normal work of the card reader.
    Avoid close to a large area of metal objects, otherwise will shorten card read distance, even don't read the card.
    Card reader and computer communication between the cable length should be less than 15 mèt.
    If there are no reader: the interface is plugged in; Whether it is compatible with RFID card; RF card is bad ; if another RF card reader is within range.
    Transfer data error: whether it is strong electromagnetic interference environment; communication cable between the reader and the computer is too long.


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