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2.45GHz Omnidirectional Active RFID Reader na TCP / IP nkwurịta okwu

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model: YY257TCP

With TCP/IP network interface function.
External dual antenna, omnidirectional receive signal.
Strong anti-interference ability, not affected by the external radio waves.

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operating ugboro: 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz
ọrụ style: arụsi ọrụ ike na n'ezinụlọ Nchikota
Gụọ / dee mode: ọgụgụ naanị
Communication usoro: ifịk mode
Communication interface mode: RS232, RS485, Wiegand, Ethernet
Ịghọta ziri ezi: 99.999999%
na-arụ ọrụ voltaji: DC7.5 ~ 12V
arụ ọrụ ugbu a: < 100mA
arụ ọrụ okpomọkụ: -25℃ ~ + 75 ℃
nchekwa okpomọkụ: -40℃ ~ + 85 ℃
arụ ọrụ iru mmiri: pekarịrị 95%
Housing ihe: aluminum alloy
Equipment size: 145mm × 100mm × 28mm

YY257TCP model 2.45GHz network port omnidirectional active RFID reader is mainly designed for IoT applications. A low-cost high-performance RFID card reader meets the needs of customers using TCP/IP network and background communication. It is convenient to set up the school and factory students and mine personnel positioning and dynamic management system, cargo dynamic management system.
Provide demo software, API functions, wdg, and can output various data formats according to user requirements.

Main feature
With TCP/IP network interface function
Dual antenna reception, omnidirectional receive signal
Strong anti-interference ability, free from external radio waves
Simple to use, support a variety of communication methods (RS232, RS485, Wiegand 26 / Wiegand 34 / Wiegand 66, TCP / IP)
Read tag type: read-only active tag
Equipment working status indication (indication light, ome uzu)
Communication mode has active transmission and passive transmission
The buffer capacity of 1000 tags inside the device
The distance to read the tags can be set (0~31 grade)
External trigger to read tag information

Main application
Njikwa arịa mmụta ego
nkwakọba Management
Archives management
Personnel dynamic management

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