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Bank ATM Access Magnetic Card Reader, Bank ATM Magnetic Card Access Control Reader

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For banks, office buildings and other automatic door access card occasions. Any bank card can be used.
Credit card status dual sound and light instructions; and tamper alarm remote contact output. Support Wiegand format output

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model: MYH-1
Ịnye ọkụ: DC +12V
Permits biggest lock output current: 3A(12V)
Static power loss: 22mA
Current action: 40mA (excluding electrical lock current)
Open lock time: 1~10 seconds adjustable
Lock and automatically open the door with time lag: 0.5 sekọnd
Magnetik kaadị ọkọlọtọ: ISO 7811-7815
Allow the brush card speed: 10~ 120cm / s
Magnetik isi ndụ: ≥600,000 times
Working conditions temperature: -42℃ ~ + 45 ℃ (-43.6℉~+113℉)
Working conditions humidity: 10%~90%RH
ọdịdị size: L138×W56×H32mm
ibu: 400g

Apply to banks, office buildings and other auto-door access control. Using aluminum alloy shell, firm structure, beautiful appearance.
ODM and OEM products according to customer requirements.

①any bank ATM card can be used, no capacity constraints.
②aluminum alloy shell firm durable, anti-disassembly screw design, anti-theft anti-pry.
③Magnetic head reading conforms to the ANSI/ISO standard.imported alloy magnetic head high sensitivity, super wear-resistant, HICO (4000Oe) or LOCO (300Oe) card can be used.
④embedded optical coupling open delay input button contact, convenient installation out button switch.
⑤sound and light dual status indicator for read card; and has the anti-pry alarm remote output interface.
⑥Wiegand card number output, online server, faithfully recording staff into and out of time.
⑦adopt the unique anti-jamming method, easy to install and use a variety of environment.


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