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BY3513 PCB Ihe Anti-metal Tag, FR4 Ihe Anti-metal Tag

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PCB Anti-metal Tag ,

The anti-metal tag attached to the metal read range than not attached to the metal read farther.

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model: BY3513
Protocol: EPC Global Class 1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
mgbawa: Impinj M4QT
Frequency: 902~ 928MHz
nchekwa: EPC 128bit,User Momery 496bit
Gụọ / Dee anya:
handheld: >0.3M
ofu: >1.0~ 2.5M
arụ ọrụ okpomọkụ: -25℃ ~ + 85 ℃
IP fim: IP63
size: 35× 13 × 3.4mm
Materials: FR4
ibu: 4g
Advocate ihe FR4, n'elu agba: black
echichi usoro: 3M 300LSE, Abụọ-kwadoro nyagide ma ọ bụ ike mama

Anti-metal tag is a special anti-magnetic absorbing material encapsulated electronic tags, to solve the label can not be attached to the metal surface to use the problem. Waterproof products, acid, alkali, mgbochi nkukota, can be used outdoors. The anti-metal tag attached to the metal read range than not attached to the metal read farther. PCB material (FR4 material) UHF anti-metal tag, read-only performance beyond or beyond its length about 10CM other tag. Moderate size, is one of the more widely used tag.

Optional specification size: diameter 10×3mm, diameter 20×1mm, 10× 3.5 × 1mm, 12× 4 × 1.6mm, 12×7×1.6mm, 12×7×2.5mm, 17×9×1.6mm, 22×8×2.5mm, 25×9×2.5mm, 18×8×2.5mm, 36×13×2.5mm, 40×10×2.5mm, 50×20×3mm, 50×25×1mm, 51×36×7mm, 52×13×2.5mm, 60×25×3.4mm, 79×20×3mm, 80×12×3mm, 90×11×3mm, 95×25×3mm. Can customize the specification size.

Smooth surface, not because of the chip package brings bulge, reading distance farther.
Flexible and convenient installation, a magnet adsorption metal function.
High stability, cost-effective, the surface can be pasted with any print or print label affixed to the surface can also be beautiful screen printing, personalized printing patterns, LOGO, code and so on.

Test Data
Solvent Testing: Passes 95% Alcohol Test, Passes 92 Gasoline Wipe Test
Drop test: pass 200 meters drop test 1 meter high
High and low temperature alternating test: Passed
(High and low temperature alternating test conditions: -40℃ ~ + 85 ℃, accumulative 30 ụbọchị)

Other production processes: surface laser printing number; chip EPC pre written; surface paint (can be waterproof and moistureproof mouldproof, used for outdoor); after the paint surface color pattern making

Management of warehouse shelves, management of storage and locomotive equipment, chassis management of IT facilities, management of large and medium-sized metal containers, power boxes, management of power facilities, management of office equipment and facilities with metal housings indoors, , Personnel inspection management, street lamps, traffic lights and other utilities management.


mpi Advantage:
ahụmahụ Staff;
magburu onwe ya mma;
Best price;
Fast nnyefe;
Large ikike na a dịgasị iche iche nke ngwaahịa;
Nabata obere iji;
ODM na OEM ngwaahịa dị ka ahịa ina.


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