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    The Anti-theft Soft Tag materials used in this section are all eco-friendly materials, the use of physical die-cutting process

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    n'elu ihe onwunwe: ntekwasa akwụkwọ + mmado + foil
    n'elu agba: black / ọcha / mmanya koodu, ma ọ bụ omenala
    arụ ọrụ ụkpụrụ: LC ujo circuit
    Q uru: Q ≧ 90
    nchọpụta anya: 0.90~ 1.2 mita
    Ị kpọghee ekwt mode: nyopụta board nyopụta
    Center ugboro: 8.2MHz
    size: φ40mm, 40× 40mm, 30× 40mm, 50× 40mm, nwere ike ahaziri
    Anti-mmadụ echebe ikike: elu

    EAS Supermarket Anti-theft 8.2MHz RF Tags using RF technology, the resonant circuit composed of inductors and capacitors, the center frequency of about 8.2MHz, the sweep width of about 1MHz modulation wave, the transmitter and receiver to form a stable electric field between the mall Export. Label attached to the protected commodity, when the commodity stolen label into the electric field, the resonant circuit inductance coil induction and resonant resonance point, the electric field appears instantaneous change, the change is detected by the receiver alarm.
    Can be pasted thin paper label, suitable for all 8.2MHz radio frequency system, suitable for all the retail environment.
    This label can also be attached to the human body can be sensed, you can customize the frequency according to your needs.

    1, bending angle can not be greater than 120°
    2, metal materials can not be adhered
    3, can not cover the important text description of commodity
    4, the label try to paste the same location in the commodity, easy cashier operation
    5, can not damage the product

    Scope of application: major clothing, supermarkets, shopping malls, cosmetics, bookstores, bags, valuables, etc.


    Decodetable / uzo / Thermal Paper / Frozen Label / Screen Printing LOGO, ụkpụrụ, etc.

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