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  • Inkjet Printer Direct Print ịkwanyere Card, RFID printable oghere Card

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    EPSON inkjet printer R270, R230, R290, T50, L800 Direct Inkjet print PVC white card, Magnetic strip card, Printable RFID chip card, Printable RFID Plastic Card.

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    ihe: ọcha ịkwanyere
    size: 86× 54mm
    ọkpụrụkpụ: 0.86mm
    Without the laminated, shape at a times
    230PC / katọn, weighing 1.35KG

    The suitable inkjet printer models:
    HiTi ID Card Printer
    Epson printer: R260, R265, R270, R280, R290, R330
    Epson models: T50, T60, A50, P50, R210, R230
    Canon models: iP4600, 4680, 4700
    Canon printer: MP630, 640, 980, 990
    Method of use:
    Supporting the use of tray. ID card inkjet printer with direct printing on the card surface, after drying use.

    EPSON inkjet printer R270 R230 R290 T50 L800 Direct Inkjet print PVC white card / magnetic strip card / RFID chip card.

    "Immediately inkjet into card" make personalized card, portrait card, IC kaadị, magnetic strip card is a revolutionary breakthrough, without lamination, without plastic film covering, without covering film professional production process, using id card inkjet printer to complete fabrication process. Easy fabrication process like printing common document, the cost is lower. White card by ink-jet printing can achieve photo print effect, quick drying, highlights, waterproof, wear-resisting, printing complete used directly, without any post-processing features, application more widely.



    Direct Inkjet print white card can paste magnetic strip and encapsulation chip:
    1, magnetic strip card types:
    Common Low magnetic strip(LOCO): 300 OE
    High magnetic strip(HICO): 2750 OE ma ọ bụ 4000 OE
    Magnetik warara agba nhọrọ: black, aja aja, red, etc.
    Magnetik warara obosara: ọkọlọtọ 12.5mm ma ọ bụ 8mm
    2, ID card types: EM4100, EM4102, TK4100, TK4102, etc.
    3, Contactless IC card, Mifare 1K S50, Mifare S70 4K, FM11F08, Mifare Ultralight, NÃo, I-CODE-2,etc.
    4, Contact IC card types: SLE4442, SLE4428, SLE5542, SLE5528,etc.

    1, simple and easy to do card, without film, without plastic film covering and laminated
    2, card highlights, waterproof, image flush, daub, immerse (1-2 awa), the image remains unchanged
    3, suitable for all kinds of inkjet ink, fabrication cost is low
    4, the image color restore ability, high resolution, print accuracy can reach more than 5760dpi
    5, the white card with the mechanical properties of the laminated card
    6, UV resistance, wear resistance, prevent fade, long shelf life
    7, quick to do card application range, suitable for making documents immediately, the end user to make card; Small-scale production of your membership,card student card, company card, wdg, can be directly printed images and text information
    8, fabrication process environmentally friendly, solvent-free, emission-free exhaust,etc.

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