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Main technical parameters
Communication protocol: ISO11784 / ISO11785, FDX-A / B, HDX, nwere ike ahaziri
arụ ọrụ ugboro: 125KHz / 134.2KHz nhọrọ
Power: 9~ 12W
Kaadị agụ oge: 0.4s
Reading anya: 70~ 80cm
ihe: ABS
Product nkọwa: 40× 60cm

The DH167 series long-distance channel reader is divided into two frequencies of 125KHz and 134.2KHz. It can be used in long-distance parking lot systems, and can also be used as a channel to collect tag data in animal husbandry management, or combined with induction electronics in breeding feeders ear tag used. Reading ordinary smart cards can reach a distance of 1 mita, reading electronic ear tags can reach a distance of 50 cm. This reader is superior to other card readers on the market, and can be used for a long time without degrading the reading distance. After several project operations, the reader has stable performance and has become a market-selling product.

RS232/RS485 output, single reading mode or continuous reading mode, FDX/HDX can be customized.
Various coil sizes can be customized.
The sensing range is long, the parking lot management card can reach 1 mita, and the reading animal ear tag can exceed 50cm.

Parking lots, ohere akara, ọbịbịa oge, njirimara anụmanụ, livestock management, automatic livestock and poultry feeders, cow weighing platforms, etc.

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