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Low Frequency NÃo Mgbawa Card, 134.2KHz NÃo Mgbawa Card

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EM Card / LF Card , ,

Long-distance access control card complying with ISO 11784/11785 international standard protocol.

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mgbawa emeputa: NÃo (Texas Instruments)
mgbawa: NÃo (Texas Instruments), HDX (ọkara Duplex)
Frequency: 134.2kHz
ike: RI-TRP-R4FF, RI-TRP-R4FF-30, 64 Bit Gụọ-naanị
RI-TRP-W4FF, RI-TRP-W4FF-30, 80 Bit Read / Dee
Agreement ụkpụrụ: ISO11784, ISO11785 Dabara
arụ ọrụ mode: na-agụ / dee
Communication ọsọ: 106KBoud
Ịgụ na ide anya: 100cm
ichicha ndụ: 100,000 (ugboro)
operating okpomọkụ: -25° C ~ + 50 ° C
size: 85.6× 54 × 1.3mm
ihe: ịkwanyere
ibu: 12 grams
Executive Standard: ISO 7810

Texas Instruments’LF Card transponders are providing superior performance and operate at a resonance frequency of 134.2kHz. Specific products are compliant to ISO/IEC 11784/11785 global open standards. Texas Instruments LF transponders are manufactured with TI’spatented tuning process to provide consistent read and write performance. Prior to delivery, the transponders undergo complete functional and parametric testing, in order to provide the high quality customers have come to expect from TI. The transponder is well suited for usage in a broad range of applications including, but not limited to, ohere akara, vehicle identification, container tracking, asset management and waste management applications.

Best in Class Performance Through Patented HDX Technology
Patented Transponder Tuning Provides Stable and High Read/Write Performance
64 Bit Read Only and 80 Bit Read/Write Types Are Available
ISO 11784/11785 Compliant
Insensitive to Almost All Non Metallic Materials
Ordinary long-distance Proximity cards

RFID identification systems, sensor systems, automation systems, industrial production, warehouse management, logistics management, asset tracking forklifts, manipulators, patrol inspection, anti-theft, pulse transponders, enterprise / campus card, Highway fees, adọba ụgbọala, ohere akara, community management

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