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Ihennyapade / Anti Fake Label

» Ihennyapade / Anti Fake Label

RFID Security adabaghi ​​Label, RFID Anti-Counterfeiting adabaghi ​​Akwụkwọ mmado

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RFID and VOID security technology perfect fusion.

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Frequency: 860~ 960MHz
International Protocol: EPC KLAS 1 GEN2, ISO 18000-6C
operating okpomọkụ: -30℃ ~ + 60 ℃
nchekwa okpomọkụ: -40℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Mode nke ọrụ: R / W
Reading anya: 1~ 6M (dị ka mkpado na-agụ mpi)
data ikike: 96bit / 512bit
hichapụ ndụ: >100,000 ugboro
nchekwa: >10 afọ
ihe: Akwụkwọ mmado akwụkwọ + PITA + AL
size: Φ40mm / 36 * 20mm ma ọ bụ ahaziri

When the VOID Security Label is torn from the object surface, the preset security font (VOID) will remain on the surface of the object permanently, and the RFID antenna will break, the tag will be split and can not be recovered, said it was opened.
RFID chip in the label is mainly used for object tracking traceability and retail security, warehouse inventory management. RF frequency can choose high frequency or UHF.

Product Features
Tear up pre-designed font (VOID), play a security role.
Font VOID logo clearly legible.
Security fonts can customized, such as custom "OPENED". Patterns and font according to customer requirements make a special version.
High security performance, with global unique identification code (TID code)
Label size, agba, coding can customized, surface print pattern or LOGO four-color printing.

Suitable for once and only once used occasions, so as to achieve security, anti-theft, tamper-proof, non-repudiation purposes. Such as: education, banking, finance, customs, wdg, can also be used for high-end tobacco and alcohol, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, communications products, packaging seal, security label, anti-counterfeiting label.


mpi Advantage:
ahụmahụ Staff;
magburu onwe ya mma;
Best price;
Fast nnyefe;
Large ikike na a dịgasị iche iche nke ngwaahịa;
Nabata obere iji;
ODM na OEM ngwaahịa dị ka ahịa ina.


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