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TM patrol Ozi Button, TM patrol Location Button

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model: YY315

The TM Patrol Information Button is primarily used for patrol location identification.


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mgbawa nlereanya: TM DS1990A-F5
nkọwapụta: 16.25× 17.35mm
ibu: 2.2g
ihe: Igwe anaghị agba nchara
operating okpomọkụ: -40℃ ~ + 85 ℃

TM DS1990A-F5 chip information button is made of stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion resistant. The source material is made of high temperature resistant resin, excellent sealing performance, anti-aging and heat and humidity resistance. The inner support spring piece is made of stainless steel, anti-deformation, smooth surface and smooth.

Packageable TM chip:
Read-only type: DS / TM1990A-F5, (magnetic) DS / TM1990A-F5, TM199D
Read and write type: RW1990-F5, RW2004-F5, RW057
Read and write encryption type: (DS) TM1991L-F5

The water can be read normally; After heavy attack and deformation, it can still be read normally; waterproof, mgbochi vibration, mgbochi-corrosion, mụ arụmọrụ, quality assurance.

Security patrol location identification, sauna bath door lock, electronic door lock, access control intercom system, access control system; biological tracking identification system; warehousing and logistics system; hotel, community card system; identification system, bank, nkwurịta okwu, railway Transportation, transportation and many other fields; electronic wallets, smart water meter reading system and many other industries.

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