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UHF Okpomọkụ Nyefee Printing kpara Tag, RFID Okpomọkụ Nyefee Printing Fabric Tag

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UHF Heat Transfer Printing Tag, an intellectual tag with positioning and anti-counterfeiting function.

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Protocol ọkọlọtọ: EPC Class 1 Gen 2 Dabara
Frequency: 860~ 960MHz
mgbawa: Impinj Monza5
EPC ebe nchekwa: Ruo 128bit
Erasable ugboro: 10000 ugboro
data njigide: 10 afọ
Reading nso: 1~ 1.8m / 1.3 ~ 2.3m
operating okpomọkụ:-40℃ ~ + 85 ℃
poolu Size: 40X15mm / 50X30mm, nar omenala size

RFID Heat Transfer Printing Label is the use of mature heat transfer printing technology, the RFID antenna and the wafer directly "printed" on the fabric, into a heat transfer characteristics of the UHF label. Its features lie in the heat and pressure can be directly through the RFID antenna and the chip firmly bonded to the clothing or fabric surface, seamless with the fabric, will not fall off, RFID smart labels and textiles integration, become a permanent not separated and global unique number. Printed RFID antenna is very soft, wearing the body when there is no sense of foreign body.
Heat Transfer Printing function makes UHF Heat Transfer Labels ideal for specific types of apparel, such as high-end clothing, sportswear, children's wear and more. It sticks to the fabric, and the RFID antenna is removed and scratched only when torn off with sharp tools.
UHF heat transfer can be printed directly in the specific site of the clothing, or printed on the woven label, Size Mark, the brand mark. It can also be printed on paper.

Main application
Clothing inventory management
Clothing location tracking
Clothing retail management
Clothing Anti-counterfeiting Anti-theft security


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