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Main technical parameters
arụ ọrụ Frequency:902MHz-928MHz / 865MHz-868MHz, ma ọ bụ dee
interface Protocol:EPC uwa UHF Class 1Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Reading anya:ruo 6 mita (mgbanwe)/ruo 12 mita (mgbanwe)
Communication interface:Wiegand 26(ndabere)/Wiegand 34, USB
na-arụ ọrụ voltaji:9~ 12V DC
ọrụ Ugbu A:150mA(Always na-agụ)
Multiple tags njirimara:<100 iberibe
R / W mode: Ọgụgụ naanị
arụ ọrụ mode:Always na-agụ(ndabere)/ịkpalite na-agụ
M / O Interface:Akwado mpụga akpalite
Oke ike oriri:<3W (RF mmepụta 26dBm, multiple tags), <2W (RF mmepụta 26dBm, acronym tags)
arụ ọrụ okpomọkụ:-20° C ~ + 60 ° C
Dimension:260× 260 × 65mm / 445 × 445 × 70mm
Shell ihe
poolu Panel: ABS Engineering Plastics; Back cover: aluminum Shell

UZK101 Series Reader are a new generation of UHF RFID series products for Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd independent research and development of the long distance tag reader system in the personnel management, goods management and vehicle management. It is an upgraded version based on the original UZK101 Series Reader and has better performance.
The product uses the industry's most cost-effective UHF card reader chip, and the part of swing card adopts the module integrated design, making the product to meet the technical requirements of the parking lot. Meanwhile, the utility model has the advantages of stable reading performance, good consistency, low working current and temperature, long service life, and small external influence, and the product adopts the waterproof outer shell design.
This product has different models to meet the needs of users in different UHF bands. The European UHF frequency band(865MHz–868MHz) and the US UHF band(902MHz–928MHz), can also be customized for UHF bands in other countries and regions.
The product is also a fully meet the CE, FCC technology requirements of the product, and to obtain CE, FCC and other security certification.

Read range up to 12 mita (mgbanwe)
Read Sensitivity: Line polarization read mode
Wiegand 26 Bit (Can change to 34 Bit via software)
Two working mode: ịkpalite na-agụ & Always na-agụ(ndabere)
Comes with the mounting plate
Weatherproof (IP66)
Maximum Cable Distance: 100m
Multiple label recognition

adọba ụgbọala na otutu
Underground garage
Vehicle management
Personnel management
Goods management


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