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Wiegand ka TCP / IP Ntụgharị, Network ka Wiegand Two-ụzọ WG26 / WG34 Ntụgharị, Network ka Wiegand RJ45 Ntụgharị

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model: SMZ-711TW

Default support Wiegand26 and Wiegand34 formats, can be customized according to user requirements.

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The Wiegand Network TCP / IP Ntụgharị modul na-eji TCP nkesa / ahịa protocol ma ọ bụ ndị UDP nkesa / ahịa protocol, nke ike-kwetara na software Mmepụta.
The ndabere IP adreesị bụ (ga-agbanwe dị ka mkpa n'ezie)
Ndabere na-ege ntị ọdụ ụgbọ mmiri: 20108 (ga-agbanwe)

Ntụgharị size: 83× 71 × 25mm
Housing: aluminum alloy

The interfaces such as RS232, RS485, and USB in the protocol converter are unified, but the protocols are not uniform. There are no international standards, national standards, and industry standards. Ya mere, commercially available products have different data on the same interface (data is in different forms such as hexadecimal, ogologo, and format). The network card reader is an inductive card reader. After each card reading, the device number, IP address number and card number of the device are sent to a specific IP address of the network. The signal can be received and processed by a PC, a network server or other network device. (such as recording reading card events, time attendance management, patrol management), you can also send control commands to other devices (such as access controllers) to start the operation of specific functions (such as opening the door). Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd provides network converters for LAN and WAN. Through the system settings, the device ID number, IP number, card number, and card time uploaded by the network card reader can be output.
The converter comes with two Wiegand interfaces and a network RJ45 interface, which can realize two-way data conversion between the two Wiegand interfaces and the network; the Wiegand26 and Wiegand34 formats are supported by default, and can be customized according to user requirements.

Wiegand conversion Network TCP/IP module basic functions
1. The network interface uses a mature network module, 10/100M adaptive;
2. Support DHCP or fixed IP;
4. Support settings such as gateway DNS;
5. Custom MAC address;
6. It can run across gateways, switches and routers, and is applicable to various LAN, enterprise network, Internet and other network environments;
7. Aluminum alloy casing for easy installation and use;
8. The RS485 interface is reserved on the circuit board for extended applications.

The converter requires a power supply of 9-24V 100mA. (Please determine if the reader supply voltage matches when using 24V power supply)


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