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Invengo XC-RF807 Fixed 4-channel UHF Reader, Support ISO 18000-6C/ISO 18000-6B

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Product model: XC-RF807

Unprecedented capabilities & Cost Effectiveness; Support global RFID deployment needs.

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Technical parameters
Frequency Range
SRRC (China): 840~845MHz,920~925MHz
FCC (North America):902~928MHz
ETSI (EU):865~868MHz

Power Supply
Adapter:AC input 100~240V,50~60Hz; DC output 24V±5%/2.5A
DC Power Supply:24V~30V/2.5A (24V recommended)
PoE (optional):Support IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at
Power Consumption:5W~24W

Physical Characteristics
Case Material:Aluminum
Antenna Port:4 TNC type ports

Performance Characteristics
Standards Supported:EPC global C1 Gen2,ISO 18000-6C/6B
Read Range:0m~30m(0ft~98.4ft) (configuration dependent)
Tag Data Rate:40-400kbps (software configurable)
RF Output Power:11dBm~36dBm,stepping at 1dB,software configurable
Single Tag Read Rate:>500 times/second
Multiple Tag Read Rate:100% (400 tags)
Operating Mode:Single reader/Dense reader
ISO18000-6C Tag Memory Size Supported:EPC: 496 bits;TID: 512 bits;User: 64K bits
ISO18000-6B Tag Memory Size Supported:ID memory: 64 bits;User: 1728 bits

Communication Interface Network Protocol
Communication Interface:RS-232, 10/100M Ethernet
GPIO Interface:4 inputs, optically isolated (5V, <20mA); 4 relay control outputs, (30V, <1000mA)
Network Protocol:TCP/IP,DHCP,SSH,FTP,Telnet and UDP

User Environment
Operating Temp.:-20℃~+70℃(-4℉~+158℉)
Storage Temp.:-30℃~+75℃(-22℉~+167℉)
Humidity:5%~95% RH non-condensing

RF807 Fixed UHF reader is a high performance, width frequency band and extendibility of UHF RFID read/write devices,support ISO18000-6C/6B standard and EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 protocol.
With double CPU is designed, the built-in embedded Linux operating system, can deal with complex business requirements of customers, and can quickly response to RFID tag variety of operations.
Excellent multi-tag read performance, support for dense reader mode, large capacity tag reader, the received signal strength indication (RSSI), and optional power over ethernet (PoE) functionality.
Reliable network adaptability, support for multiple network protocols, particularly suitable for large-scale enterprise-class networking applications batches, greatly enhance the efficiency of the logistics supply chain, reduce their operating costs.
By China radio transmission equipment type approval, FCC and CE certification.
RF807 Fixed UHF reader can be widely used in manufacturing and logistics supply chain management, digital warehouse management, retail, access control, asset management, intelligent transportation and other fields.

Product Features
Application support four antennas
Can add four TNC antenna, expanding the practical application of the recognition area.

Received signal strength indication
Support received signal strength indication (RSSI), the perceived strength of the received signal, determine the discrete labels, with industry-leading anti-jamming performance.

Communication Interface
Equipped with 10/100M Ethernet interface, RS-232 interface, 4 opto-isolated inputs and 4 relay control output.

Network protocol
Support TCP/IP, DHCP, SSH, FTP, Telnet, UDP and other network protocols, for enterprise -class large-scale mass networking applications.

Power over ethernet
Optional support power over ethernet (PoE) capabilities, providing power to the device through the network, simplifying management, save resources, reduce network cost of ownership.

Protection class
Aluminum alloy shell, durable, suitable for variety of harsh environments.

Simple and elegant appearance
Simple installation, easy for installation and use.


Related Applications
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By deploying networks of RFID antennas and tags, and utilizing a dedicated software system, companies are able to bring real-time visibility to containers.


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