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Invengo XC2901-FUF Handheld UHF Reader

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Model: XC2901-FUF

Provide a secondary software development kit,
Various hardware configurations are available.

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Performance parameters
Processor: Intel PXA 270 520MHZ
Storage: 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM
Operating system: Windows CE5.0

Physical parameters
Dimensions: 165mm×76mm×59mm
Weight: 0.46Kg (configuration dependent)

Battery: Rechargeable lithium batteries, more than 3000mAh/3.7V
Adapter: Input 50-60Hz, AC, 100V~240V output DC 5V/1.5A, maximum charging current 1.5A
Charging time: ≯4 hours, charge current 1.5A
Operating hours: ≮8 hours, read interval 10 seconds
Standby time: ≮120 hours
Work Status: real-time monitoring battery voltage, remaining power and charging status
Power consumption: less than 8W

Software environment
Development environment: HTML, XML
Software development kit: .Net Compact Framework 2.0, C# (.Net Framework managed language), standard Windows CE application interface protocol
Synchronization software: Microsoft Active Sync
Demo program: RFID, barcode, IC card, print, GPRS, Wi-Fi etc.

UHF-RFID module
Standard supported: EPCglobal Class 1 Gen2 & ISO 18000-6C
Debug mode: PR-ASK
Operating frequency: 920-925MHz
Output power: Max 27dbm, adjustable
Read range: 0-2.5m (configuration dependent)
Tag memory supported: maximum 62 bytes EPC; maximum 16 bytes TID; maximum 256 bytes User data; Customizable

Built-in antenna
Polarization: circular polarization
Antenna gain: 3dBi
VSWR: 1.5:1
Operating frequency: 920-925MHz
Center frequency: 922.625MHz
Bandwidth: 5MH

Wi-Fi module
Supports ed protocol: IEEE802.11b/g
Data rate: 802.11b maximum 11MBps; 802.11g maximum 54MBps
Encryption: WEP 64-bit, WEP 128-bit, WPA/WPA2 and AES-CCMP
Transmission range: indoor 20 meters @ 54MBps; outdoor 50 meters @ 54MBps

GPRS module (optional)
Operating frequency: EGSM900, GSM1800, GSM850, GSM1900
Supports ed protocol: TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3

SIM card: SIM card interface (1.8/3V), card access detection
Communication security: GSM/GPRS authentication, encryption algorithms, hopping supported

Barcode engine (optional)
Scanning sensor: 752X480 pixels, CMOS sensor
Focal length: SR=17.8cm SF=11.4cm
Motion tolerance: 4 inches/sec.
Scanning angle: ±40°
Scan mode: trigger mode, interrupt mode
Ambient light adaptation: total darkness to full sunlight (100,000 lux)
One-Dimensional symbologies: Code39, Code128, Codabar, UPC, EAN, Interleaved 2 of 5, RSS, Code93, Codeblock etc.
Two-Dimensional code: PDF417, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, Datamatrix, QRCode, Aztec, AztecMesa, Code49, UCCComposite etc.

Screen Keyboard Speakers Port LEDs
LCD screen: 2.8 inches color LCD, industrial grade touch screen, bright white backlight, backlight brightness adjustable, 240×320 resolution, color display
Touch screen: resistive touch screen, stylus, built-in storage pen slot
Keyboard: Multi-multiplexing keys, key life 300,000 times, blue LED backlit keyboard
Speaker: Built-in 0.5W mono speaker
Indicator: network indicator (green), power status indicator (red)
Internal expansion: MicroSD/TF card expansion (up to 2GB), smart IC card interface, PSAM card encryption card interface
External ports: RS232 serial port (serial port supports external expansion devices), USB port, power input port

Application environment
Operating temperature: -10℃~+55℃ (+14℉~+131℉)
Storage temperature: -20℃~+70℃ (-4℉~+158℉)
Humidity: 5%RH~95%RH (non-condensing)
IP rating: IP54
Drop test: 0.5M drop onto concrete-10 times without failure
Anti-shock: GB/T2423.10-2008/IEC60068-2-6: 1995 acceleration 4.9m/s2, Operating frequency 5-100Hz drive amplitude (peak mm) 25/f (f=5~10Hz), 250/f2 (f=10~100Hz)
Certification: Radio Frequency Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate
Accessories: battery, power adapter, data cable/charging cable, touch pen, wrist strap, soft carrying case, battery charger (optional)

Invengo XC2901-FUF handheld UHF reader is a multi-functional handheld terminals, unique 32-bit embedded operating system kernel and standard C# language programming tools, to provide users with open and friendly platform for secondary development. Windows CE5.0 operating system, to integrate various system driver (wireless transmission module, the expansion of function module), run the. Net programs,Java program application. Can be used alone, also can be used as the server/client, coordinate with other equipment. In livestock farming, distribution, supervision, tracking traceability applications, XC2901-FUF Handheld Reader provides fast, efficient two-dimensional code reading animal ear tag information, print related badges, and wirelessly transmitted to the data server. Supports two-dimensional code ear tags can also be read UHF animal ear tags and other types of tags, reading speed, distance, anti tag dirty and broken, high safe, effectively improve work efficiency. The XC2901-FUF Handheld Reader can be widely used in animal husbandry and aquaculture, food traceability, security management, warehousing, logistics management,library management, mobile police, property management, supply chain management, production data collection,etc.

Shape is small and exquisite, carry convenience
The handheld UHF reader size is 165×76×59mm, weighing less than 460g, easily grasp, operation, can be carried in a pocket is put in the clothes. In the aspect of structure on the principle of human body engineering design, feel comfortable, use for a long time also won't feel particularly tired.

Flexible expansion module
According to the actual application needs of customers, equipped with different functional modules, expand the application field. Remove unnecessary function module, effectively reduce the purchase of equipment cost and total cost of ownership.

Strong and durable, not easily damaged
Hard shell machine interface closely. The key part of the anti-collision plastic bag design, normal circumstances, even if the fall down many times from 1 meter to the cement floor can still work normally.

Intelligent control, energy conservation and environmental protection
Using intelligent power management solutions, standby power consumption is low. Support passive mode, not transmitted power intermittent condition. Excellent power management not only save energy and prolong the service life of equipment.

UHF RFID performance excellence
Using high-performance UHF RFID module. Tag identification capability is excellent, read and write distance, high success rate, stable and reliable performance. Can be customized to other working band RFID module,support for multiple protocols RFID module, strengthen the expansibility.

Interface is simple, powerful
Equipped with two external data interface, the mini USB print interface, 30 Pin USB interface. 30 Pin USB interface for main cable external interface, can be used as application development to sync with computer or transfer data.

Data encryption, authorization management
Support smart IC card interface, PSAM card encryption interface. It can be widely applied to areas of higher security requirements, the operator authorization management. Effective protection of customer information security.

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