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Controllo di accesso

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Codice a barre di accesso convertitore di controllo, QR Code USB per Wiegand, QR Code RS232 Wiegand, output predefinito WG26 / WG34

Controllo di accesso , , , ,

Modello: SMZ-711QW

Customizable Wiegand output format.

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QR Code RS232 Wiegand Converter
baud rate di default: 9600.
L'uscita del dispositivo di scansione deve essere un'interfaccia RS232 con parametri di comunicazione impostati 9600 / n / 8/1 o 115200 / n / 8/1.
output predefinito: Wiegand 26 / Wiegand 34.

QR Code USB a Wiegand Converter
Il convertitore USB-Wiegand utilizza direttamente l'alimentazione 12V del controllore di accesso, and the USB scanner is connected to the USB jack of the converter for normal operation.
The scanned barcode and QR code must contain digital information and the end carriage return symbol. The standard USB-Wiegand converter can recognize up to 10 cifre, and the information such as letters and punctuation will be filtered out, such as after filtering ” http://abc12345.com%678are left, leaving only numbers “12345678”. Other input and output formats provide data customization.
The USB-Wiegand converter outputs the Wiegand34 signal by default, which is suitable for most access controller standards on the market. Other Wiegand formats provide data customization.
The connected USB device interface must be set to be compatible with the HID USB protocol. The normal USB QR code scanner, USB card reader, USB magnetic card swipe machine, USB barcode gun, tastiera USB, eccetera. can be recognized normally.
USB converter input power supply: 9-15V 50mA
USB alimentatore uscita del convertitore: 5V 200mA
protocollo di interfaccia USB: HID

dimensione Converter: 75× 41 × 30 millimetri
materiale di Shell: addominali

Smartphones and QR code scanning devices are widely used. The use of dynamic or static QR codes as identification and online payment has become an indispensable application method in modern society. Scanning QR code opening as a new access control management method is also increasingly popular.
The traditional access control system generally adopts an ID/IC card read head with Wiegand output as an information reading device, and authorizes the card holder through the access control panel and the access control management software. The output of the scanning device is only a universal interface such as a USB keyboard and an RS232 interface. These interfaces are incompatible with the Wiegand interface of most access control boards, which makes it impossible to use these scanning devices to access the access control system. For this purpose, Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd develops the USB to Wiegand Converter and the RS232 to Wiegand Converter is used to connect the scanning device and the access control board, and the scanning method is used to open the door by a specific use method.

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