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Identificazione degli animali

» Identificazione degli animali

RFID impiantati Tipo di vetro Tag Animal Tubo

Identificazione degli animali , ,

Internal lead-free non-toxic materials, external glass surface biological coating.

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Tipo economico: EM4305, Hitag S256, I CODICE SLIX
Modalità operative: leggere scrivere
Frequenza operativa (modulazione): 125KHz / 134,2kHz / 13,56
memoria dati: 512bit RW / 256bit RW
gli standard di protocollo: ISO 11785 standard internazionali, in linea con l'ISO 11784 standard internazionali / FDX-B
Scrivi volte: > 1,000,000 volte
Dimensioni: 1.257 millimetri ×, 1.48 millimetri ×, 2.1212 millimetri ×, 315 millimetri ×, 313 millimetri ×, 2.1212 millimetri ×, 315 millimetri ×, 430 millimetri ×, 430 millimetri ×
Materiale: la copertura del rivestimento biochimica, vetro bioattivo(vetro Bio 8625), antibatterico, anti-allergia
incapsulamento: incapsulamento in vetro
Antistatico: evitare guasti elettrostatica, pressione sopra 5000V
Temperatura di lavoro: -20℃ ~ + 50 ℃
Temperatura di conservazione: -40℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Esperienza lavorativa: > 20 anni
campo di lettura massimo: 50~ 500 millimetri, secondo l'energia del lettore, dimensione dell'antenna, orientamento, e le condizioni ambientali.
Requisiti di alimentazione: no

Glass tube injected type RFID tag is a read/write tag, suitable for pet dogs, working dogs, livestock animal identification, glass tube electronic label is divided into read-only and read-write two ways. Adopted in line with biochemical medical materials and technology, production, small volume, easy concealment, widely used in the field of animal management, per esempio: precious fish, dogs, cats and other pets. Can also be used for household and vehicle smart key handle; A computer or communications socket; Intelligent MP3, USB products; Applies on patrol, controllo di accesso, attendance, hat helmet, wine bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic, electric toothbrush, mold, jewelry, token... In areas such as RFID intelligent identification.Chip through the International Committee-For Animal Recording(ICAR) certified to conform ISO 11784/11785 standards, quality assured and reliable.
At present, the glass tube bioelectronic tags have been widely used both at home and abroad to conduct a comprehensive management of the whole process of animal growth. As long as the reader antenna is near the animal implant point, the tag ID number can be read.

Small volume, light weight
Injectable/implantable simple
Using biological glass encapsulation
Read and write long distance
With anti-slip surface material
Flexible solutions, several sizes and frequencies, advanced security features (data integrity check, encrypted authentication)
Conforms to China's national standards committee has just issued by GB/T 20563-2006 animal RFID standards

Widely used
Cats, dogs, mice, pet ferret, arowana,fish, horse, cattle, sheep, rabbit identification, pigeon field, sports timing, waste management (BDE) access control and safety applications, reusable logistics and packaging, subcutaneous, intramuscular implanted vivo animal management including fish and wildlife.

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