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» カードアラウンド/アクセサリー

  • 自動車ICカードホルダー, 自動車ICカードの固定ホルダー, スマートカードホルダー

    カードアラウンド/アクセサリー , , , , ,

    製品モデル: F273-X/F273-J

    The Smart IC Card Holder can be conveniently mounted on the glass of an automobile, allowing the RF Reader to perform at its best.

    • 仕様
    • 説明

    モデル: F273-X
    製品の材料: ABS /耐高温PC
    製品の色: トランスペアレント, 白, 他の色
    作業温度: -35℃〜+ 75℃
    保存温度: -40℃〜+ 80℃
    ワーキング湿度: 0-95%
    仕様: 90×60×6.0ミリメートル, または指定したサイズ
    製品重量: 12グラム

    3M Pasteable型ICカードホルダー
    モデル: F273-J
    材料: ABS /耐高温PC
    色: トランスペアレント, グレー, 白, 他の色
    作業温度: -35℃〜+ 75℃
    保存温度: -40℃〜+ 80℃
    ワーキング湿度: 0-95%
    仕様: 90×60×6.0ミリメートル, または指定したサイズ
    製品重量: 12グラム
    演奏: ガラスと一定の距離, カードは安定を読みます


    Smart IC card is mainly used for large-distance vehicle management, the installation fixed RFID cards, and other applications require fixed a standard cards. Appearance generous and practical, fixed simple, convenient to insert and take out the cards, usually adsorbed or attached to the inside of the windshield of the vehicle, it can be screwed to wood floors, shelves, walls and so on. IC card fixed holder has suction cups (adsorption cups) type holder and adhesive holder type can be selected.

    自動車ICカードホルダー, Automobile Smart Card Holder, Smart IC Card Fixed Holder, Car Suction Cups Type IC Card Holder, Automobile 3M Pasteable IC Card Holder, SeabreezeRFID.comから

    Method of Used:
    1, choose good smooth of surface, with cleaning tools to wipe clean
    2, to check whether there is dust or dirt, please go ahead to wipe clean
    3, will be suction cups press in smooth face off, all required cups outside edge in contact with the glass surface.
    4, along the outer Suction cups press with finger, make sure cups completely sealed with the glass surface.
    The front-side, left and right sides have holes, can use Suction cups or screws to fix them in the wood plate, shelves, walls, 等.
    The back-side is equipped with suction cups, can paste on the car window

    3M Pasteable型ICカードホルダー
    1, choose a smooth, flat surface, wipe clean with a wiping tool
    2, press the card seat on the smooth and flat working surface forcefully, and require that all the periphery be in contact with the glass surface
    3, press with your finger on the backing cartridge to ensure that the cartridge is fully adhered to the work surface.


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