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モデル: BY2993/BY2998

A variety of RF frequencies and RFID chip options, a variety of sizes to choose from.

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標準的なプロトコル: ISO 14443, ISO 11784, ISO 11785, ISO 15693, ISO18000-6C
周波数: 125キロヘルツ, 134.2キロヘルツ, 13.56メガヘルツ, 860〜960MHz
作業モード: R / W(IDは読み取り専用です)
メモリ: チップに基づいた意思決定モデル
人生を拭き: >100,000 回
データ保持: >10 年
材料: ABS / PPS /特別なPVC
作業温度: -40℃〜+ 85℃
保管温度: -45℃〜+ 90℃
読み取り距離: LF / HF 1〜10センチメートル, UHF 0〜5M(特定のアプリケーション環境に応じて, リーダーのパフォーマンス, 出力電力とアンテナ利得, 等)
サイズ: BY2993: 36×8×6ミリメートル, BY2998: 4122×6ミリメートル×, またはカスタマイズ
重量: 1.4グラム
保護性能: IP68
その他の機能: カスタマイズ

The RFID Nail Tag is made of a plastic case and a powerful RFID transponder. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, even harsh environments, requiring only a narrow space for placement. The internal structure is made up of a small cylindrical ferrite core and a copper wire antenna. As a low-frequency RF antenna, nail tag can be read in any direction.
As a new application of RFID tags, RFID nail smart identification tags are made of special plastic materials and chip coils. They can be screwed into all kinds of wooden articles and have the functions of waterproof and chemical corrosion resistance. Depending on the specific application Different environment, but also choose different performance of the RFID chip.
RFID Nail Tag waterproof, anti-humidity, 防振, corrosion prevention, applied to all kinds of instruments and equipment, parts and components, the bin management, electrical appliances furniture, agriculture and forestry wood identification, plant management, security inspection patrol, packaging tag, サプライチェーンマネジメント, ロジスティクス, cargo tracking, 等.

Installation requirements: surface drilling, driving with a rubber hammer, suitable for installation in cement products, prefabricated parts, plastic products, wood and other non-metallic items.

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