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周波数範囲: 902〜928MHz, 865〜は868MHz (異なる国や地域に応じて調整することができます)
エア・インタフェース・プロトコル: サポートISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C, EPCクラス1のGen2
作業モード: アクティブモード, コマンドモード, トリガモード
RF出力: 0-33 調整可能dBmの
電源: DC12V, 3A (220V AC電源アダプタをサポート)
消費電力: 平均電力 <20W
通信インタフェース: RS232, RS485, TCP / IP, ウィーガンド 26/34
チャネル幅: 1〜8メートル (標準 2 メートル)
サイズ: 1500×480×180ミリメートル
重量: 60KG
材料: アンテナ部: ABS樹脂
作業温度: -20℃〜+ 60℃
保存温度: -40℃〜+ 80℃
湿度: 5-95% 結露なきこと
保護レベル: IP51
アラーム機能: 音と光の警報装置を設定
二次開発: SDK開発パッケージとダイナミックリンクライブラリファイルを提供

UHF channel reader is a product developed by Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd. It is the first choice for open and large flow applications such as library, warehouse data storage, fixed asset management, access control attendance and production process control. It has long sensing distance and excellent performance. It is widely used in warehouse logistics materials management, fixed asset management, anti-theft alarm channel, personnel information collection and management.


Read card distance is far, 以下 8 メートル, excellent performance
Adopt ISO18000-6B/ISO18000-6C/EPC Class1 Gen2 international standard air interface protocol
902〜928MHz, 865~868MHz communication frequency optional
Broad spectrum frequency hopping mode, strong environmental adaptability
Rich communication interface, TCP / IP, RS232, RS485, WiFi, ウィーガンド26 /ウィーガンド 34 オプショナル
Customizable GPS, GPRS network interface communication function
Advanced tags collision processing algorithm, high reading rate
Supports fast anti-collision analysis and data processing functions for electronic tags
Equipped with high performance RFID channel antenna
Can be directly connected to the host, controller and other related equipment, or can be used offline alone

UHF channel readers are widely used in:
Intelligent library door anti-theft system
Intelligent file anti-theft management system
School student access management
Personnel access control attendance automatic sensing card management system
Conference accessibility automatic sign-in system
Fixed asset tracking management system
Fixed asset inventory anti-theft alarm system
Warehouse inventory and outbound data acquisition system
Logistics warehousing management system
UHF channel system access control attendance channel system equipment
Accessible RFID access open access system
RFID Accessible Meeting Sign-in System
RFID intelligent library access control anti-theft channel system
Logistics industry pallet management, 資産管理, 等.
Electronic ticket attendance, アクセス制御, conference sign-in, personnel access and management, 等.


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