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paramèter Teknologi
chip: ID: TK4100, EM4305
IC: produksi prabawa chip IC China
frekuensi Operating: 125kHz, 13.56MHz
kadohan prabawa: 2~ 10cm
mode Work: ID: Namung diwaca
IC: R / W
Endurance: > 100,000 kaping
penylametan data: > 10 taun
digunakake suhu: -25℃ ~ 70 ℃
Material: PVC, PET, PETG, ABS, Paper
Size: L85.5mm × W54mm, kekandelan 0.80mm utawa 1.80mm ( 1.80kertu nglukis mm karo bolongan hotspot )

Full Serial Number ID Card is the ID card's internal serial number increment or decrementing, it can realize all continuous ID code, do not allow any one of the intermittent number. The serial number is in accordance with the order of continuous, easy access control staff continuous registration of access control card number. When the card registration, only need to enter the serial number card start and stop bits on it, easy to register .ID low frequency card internal serial number increment or decrementing: You can follow the 5-byte hexadecimal internal serial number, the internal serial number in ABA (8H) format, the internal serial number in WG26 format, or other formats. It is widely used in the field of radio frequency identification (akses kontrol, time and attendance, etc.), which can be printed ID card serial number, LOGO, pola, coding, photo and so on. The default print 8H-10D 10-bit code and access control Wiegand code.
The process of production of Serial Number ID Card will generate waste cards, so occasionally there will be a broken number phenomenon, so also called quasi Serial Number ID Card, if the pursuit of completely serial number, can use the read/write ID card to supplement. ID completely serial number card price advantage over other applications of the card, you can put the wallet to carry.
Induction IC card's internal code is in the chip production process has been cured, can not be changed, from the wafer to the IC card to be made through the bonding, testing, lamination, printing, Die-cut and a series of links. Internal code to achieve serial number the function of too hard. Serial Number IC Card is another way to write number in a fixed block, and then encrypt the entire sector of the block, each time you use the card reader to read out the card number in the block to use, so as to achieve serial number IC card function.

The entire process of writing cards can be based on user needs planning, the length of 1-15 letters or numbers of combinations, user-friendly and management. Because the encryption function of the IC card can effectively prevent the card from being copied, the security is much higher than that of the serial number ID card, and the production cost of the IC card is gradually reduced. The serial number IC card will completely replace the serial number ID card.
Continuous Number ID Card can also encrypted.
Completely Continuous Number IC/ID chip can also be made into key ring, wristband, coin currency cards, Epoxy cards and other shapes.

Typical application
Patrolling system, time attendance system, akses kontrol, entrance guard system, traffic, parking management, identity authentication, sale meal management, enterprise management system, One Card Solutions and other areas of the radio frequency identification.


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banget kualitas;
rega Best;
layang Fast;
kapasitas gedhe lan sawetara saka sudhut produk;
Nampa cilik supaya;
Potongan lan OEM produk miturut dikarepake customer kang.


Printing: Offset Printing, Printing Silkscreen, printing termal, Printing mangsi-jet, digital printing.
fitur keamanan: Casa, laser ablation, Hologram / OVD, ink UV, Optical ink Variabel, barcode Hidden / Barcode topeng, diarani Rainbow, Micro-teks.
Others: initialization data Chip / enkripsi, Personalisasi belang Magnetik programed, Signature panel, barcode, nomer serial, Embossing, kode DoD, kode gilig NBS, Die-Cut.

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