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Inlay Card / Card UHF

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Ntag203 Chip Card, Ntag213 Chip PVC Card, Ntag215 Inlay Card

Inlay Card / Card UHF , , , , ,

NXP NTAG203, NTAG213, and NTAG215 chip can be encrypted
You can insert a URL in the NDEF field
The chip UID can be added to the NDEF field
You can add a one-time password to the NDEF field

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chip: NXP Ntag203, Ntag213, Ntag215
protocol: ISO 14443A
frequency: 13.56MHz
User storage: 144byte, 504byte, 888byte
R / W procul: 2-10cm (according to the antenna design)
Data celeritate transmissio: 106kbit / s
Erasable: 100,000 temporibus
vitae servitium: 5 annorum
Card materiales: PVC / PET / PETG / abs / Hardcover
magnitudine: 85.5LIV × × 0.84mm,potest secundum ad ipsum exigentiam disposito
Commendatur repono conditionibus: temperature -25℃~+50℃
et Eurum Umor: 20%~90% RH
operationem temperatus: -40℃ ~ LXV ℃

NTAG203, NTAG213, and NTAG215 developed by NXP Semiconductors, used as standard NFC tag ICs in conjunction with NFC devices or NFC-compliant proximity coupling devices for a wide range of market applications such as retail, gaming and consumer electronics, etc.. The NTAG203, NTAG213, NTAG215 (later known as NTAG21x) is designed to fully comply with NFC Forum Type 2 tags and ISO/IEC14443 Type A specifications.
Targeted applications include smart advertising for outdoor and print smart media, SoLoMo applications, product verification, NFC shelf tags, and cell phone labels.
Target use cases include outdoor smart ads, product certification, cell phone accessory labels, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi matching, electronic shelf tags and business cards. NTAG21x storage can also be segmented to deploy multiple applications simultaneously.
Because of its high input capacitance, the NTAG21x tag IC is especially suited for applications that require small dimensions without sacrificing performance. Small NFC tags can be more easily embedded in products such as labels or electronic devices and other goals.
The mechanical and electrical characteristics of the NTAG21x meet the inlay and label manufacturer's requirements.

NXP NTAG203, NTAG213, and NTAG215 chip can be encrypted
You can insert a URL in the NDEF field
The chip UID can be added to the NDEF field
You can add a one-time password to the NDEF field

Accessum imperium, membership cards, VIP cards, Medicare/company/school card, public transport card, via fees, raedam,etc..


competitive Italiae Commodum Collegit:
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optimus pretium;
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printing: offset Printing, Portfolio Edition, printing scelerisque, -Printing jet atramento, digital printing.
securitatem features: Cursum perficio, Laser ablationem, Hologram / OVD, UV atramento, Optical variabilis atramento, Occultatum barcode / persona Flora, Graded Sanctus, Micro-text.
alii: Chip initialization data / Encryption, Proprium magnetic stripe programed, subscriptio panel, Flora, Serial numerus, CRUSTA, codice Dod, NBS codice convexa, Die sectis.

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