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Main masontsivana ara-teknika
fanapahan-kevitra: 296×128
Voltage: 3V
Herin'aratra: CR2450×2 button battery, standby time 250 days
Haben'ny efijery: 2.9 santimetatra
Screen type: E-ink electronic ink screen
Display color: 3 colors of red, white and black
Size: 85×41mm
Shell loko: white/black
Communication fomba: Bluetooth
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Support operating system: Android

ESL electronic shelf tag does not require any network and base station, no background management software, mobile phone Bluetooth connection tag and update content, use mobile phone APP to edit any graphic, two-dimensional code, barcode display content, electronic paper black white red three-color screen, suitable for small and medium-sized Supermarkets, shops or individuals, such as convenience stores, small shops, bakeries, small food stores, clothing and jewelry stores, personal parking signs, sns.
iOS system APP application store search: PINNTAG download and install. Directly through the mobile phone Bluetooth to edit the tag and display the content, or APP scans the product barcode, automatically generates or customizes and edits the tag content.

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