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Taratasy / Anti Fake Label

» Taratasy / Anti Fake Label

Management Ammeter RFID Tag, Labels Management RFID label label

Taratasy / Anti Fake Label , , , ,

Product modely: BY4393

Personalized options: size and specification, pre-print LOGO, patterns and QR code, variable data printing, packaged IC chip.

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Product masontsivana
Protocol mahazatra: ISO18000-6C (EPC Global Class1 Gen2)
Chip: Alien Higgs 3
Frequency: 860~ 960MHz
Lavitra mamaky / soraty: 4~ 6M
Toerana fitahirizana EPC: 96kely. 480bit feno
Ireo mpampiasa hitahiry: 512kely
Service fiainana: > 10 taona
Read / soraty > 100000 fotoana
miasa hafanana: -20℃ ~ + 80 ℃
fonosana fitaovana: PET, taratasy synthetic
Size: 70× 15mm, azo namboarina
Weight: 1h

RFID ammeter tag is the use of UHF label made of intelligent electronic tags, mainly used for home meter and factory instrument management, read and write long distance, the use of UHF handheld to read the tag information, mora ampiasaina, quick access data information. Meter labels can also be made using high-frequency chips for 1-10cm close-up reading. Printing can pre-print LOGO, patterns and numbers, can also be made into white labels, Then the customer's own printer goes to inkjet printing.
ODM and OEM products according to customer demand.
Purpose: electric meter management, Instrumentation management, can also be used to other assets.

Product characteristic:
The leading anti-jamming design
Self-adhesive, stick and ready-to-use
Near-field multi-tag identification,support for anti-collision algorithm, maximum read 1000 tags/sec



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