RFID, na aiza na aiza eto amin'izao tontolo izao.

Mifanaraka amin'ny niery Card, 26kely / 36bit / 37bit / 40bit endrika isan-karazany

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Product modely: HL86

Provide your HID card format and data, we make low cost compatible HID cards for you.

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Product masontsivana
Frequency: 125KHz
Storage: 8potika
Format: 26kely / 36bit / 37bit / 40bit, sns.
Mamaky teny sy manoratra fomba: tsy adiresy IC karazana karatra
miasa hafanana: -20℃ ~ + 70 ℃
hamafa ny fiainana: 100000 fotoana
Data fitehirizana: 10 taona
Size: manify karatra: 85.5× 54 × 0.84mm
Standard hateviny Thin karatra: 85.5× 54 × 1.05mm
hateviny karatra: 85.5× 54 × 1.80mm
Mamaky teny sy manoratra halavirana: 2~ 10cm, arakaraka ny mpamaky sy ny fampiharana tontolo iainana
fonosana fitaovana: PVC / PET / PETG / ABS,sns.

HID cards market now uses the original low-frequency cards, frequency is generally 125KHz, mostly a passive, unique serial number ID card, factories factory prior to curing this serial number can not be changed.
HID Original LF card prices high. HID compatible card is compatible with HID low-frequency original cards, lower price.
HID part of low frequency card types:
PROXCARD Ⅱ: often called 1326 thick cards
ISOCARD Ⅱ: often called 1386 thin cards
DUOCARD Ⅱ: often called 1336 thin with a magnetic stripe cards
MICROPROX sign: often called 1391 sign cards
PROXKEY Ⅱ: often called 1346 key pendant cards
PROXCARD PLUS: often called 16X cards
Common format for HID cards:
The HID format is 26bit format -40bit format, enterprise 1000 long format, OEM format, but usually used to format is 26bit format and 37bit format, 26bit format and 36bit format of these two main, the 37bit and 40bit format can be customized.
1, 26bit format: H10301
2, exclusive to HID 37bit format: H10302
3, HID Proprietary 37 format with address number: H10304

HID compatible low-frequency cards
HID compatible low frequency cards of production, first to understanding format of the original cards (has machines can reads), second again made corresponds to of format, arbitrary of since defines internal serial number, there are special tools that can convert ATA5567 series cards (e5550 cards or e5551 or e5554 or T5557 or ATA5567 cards, etc.) into HID compatible cards.
HID-compatible low-frequency cards are generally based on thick cards, thin cards (white cards or color printing cards), and special-shaped cards (key rings), and are made into corresponding 26-format or other formats and arbitrary custom internal serial numbers.
Provide sample card tests, or provide data such as the area code and format of your original HID card, which we can copy.

HID access control system, HID access control cards, HID proximity card time attendance, famantarana,sns.


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