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Model: FT-221

RFID Anti-metal interference Shielding Paper can be customized in different sizes and thicknesses, different shapes.

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Suitable for frequency: 125KHz / 134.2KHz, 13.56Mhz
Protocol fari: ISO14443A\B, ISO15693
Chip: Texas Instruments TI, Philips NXP, FuDan FM11RF08, EM\TK ID card
Raw material: rubber+ferrite+rare metal
Size: Standard credit card size 85.5*54*1mm (±0.05mm)
hateviny: The thinnest 0.3mm, 0.5MG, 1.0MG, 1.5MG, 2.0MG, 3.0MG, etc., can be customized according to customer’s size or other special mold size
With glue: can be customized with single-sided tape, or double-sided tape, or with 3M glue on one side with ordinary white glue, the price of custom tape will increase a little
Weight: 12h
miasa hafanana: -20℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Storage mari-pana: -45℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Ny hamandoana azo atao: 5%-80%

RFID anti-metal magnetic cloth material (125KHz / 134.2KHz, 13.56Mhz) is also known as ferrite magnetic cloth, metal-proof magnetic cloth, metal isolation material, electromagnetic wave isolation material, electronic anti-interference magnetic cloth, commonly known as "magnetic cloth". It is made of special soft magnetic rubber and rare metal powder. It is mainly used in RFID smart cards, electronic tags, card readers, sns. for electromagnetic shielding, electromagnetic wave anti-metal interference, anti-electromagnetic interference and other fields. The principle is to paste on the surface of metal or battery, separate a variety of RFID low-frequency electronic tags, high-frequency electronic tags, smart cards, etc., for electromagnetic shielding, frequency conversion and so on. The technical problem is solved that the RFID electronic tag can not be attached to the metal surface or the card reader cannot be closely attached to the metal wall surface.
Materials can be customized according to customer requirements for small size, different shapes, different specifications, punching, trimming and so on.

Note: Some old style card reader nees 2 pieces anti-metal magnetic cloth.

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