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Technical Parameters
Frequency: 13.56mhz
Protocol standard: ISO/IEC 14443A
RF chip: Ntag213
Read/write: 100000 times
Service life: 10 years
Working temperature: -25℃~+75℃
Storage temperature: 0℃~+75℃
Specification: Dia 32mm, or customized
Material: Custom coated paper/pet/PP synthetic paper, custom material
Printing: Silkscreen, digital, offset, CMYK
Application: Tamper proof, anti counterfeiting

Packaging Details
Inside diameter of paper core: 76.2mm(3inch)
Each roll quantity: 500~1000PCS(In accordance with the actual demand)
Roll direction: surface or printing facing out (on)
Packing material: Antistatic pearl cotton+Bubble pad+Antistatic bag+Outside carton

NFC Fragile Anti-counterfeit Labels are especially suitable for high-priced products, such as alcohol, health products, cosmetics, brand-name bags and medicines, etc., so that users can use their own mobile phones (with built-in NFC function) to identify at the time of purchase. The authenticity of the product can be immediately destroyed once it is opened and used to prevent secondary transfer. Even if the container such as packaging or box is recycled, it cannot be counterfeited.
NFC anti-counterfeiting labels can be applied to various industries, and products can increase anti-counterfeiting functions and increase brand value.

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