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NFC/RFID Shielding Signal Card Holder, RFID Blocking Security Card Holder

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Model: FT-90

Customizable appearance dimensions and pre-printed surface.

  • Specifications
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Style: side opening and top opening
Size: 90×65mm, customizable
Thickness: 0.15mm
Material: inner layer aluminum foil PE+ outer layer coated paper or other composite materials
Process: composite + 6 color printing + bag making
Color: black, red, gray, yellow, gold, green, purple, kraft paper effect, everything, free design
Appearance style: European and American style, Korean style, Japanese style, cartoon, small clear, geometric patterns, etc.

The RFID Blocking safety ferrule can effectively shield strong electromagnetic fields, strong static electricity and high temperature radiation. It is not scratched or twisted on the appearance of various magnetic cards and IC cards, and can also shield the electromagnetic signals of contactless IC cards. It is made of a variety of composite materials, which can prevent the signal reception of the RFID card, and is resistant to magnetism, and is used to protect intelligent transportation cards, IC credit cards, IC debit cards, and the like. The chip card you carry with you has a credit card, an IC access card, a bus IC card, etc. If you want to securely protect your smart card, please use a professional RFID anti-reading card holder. The anti-reading card holder is your ideal choice, it is not only Store the card and prevent accidental scanning or degaussing. Protect personal information security and property security.

NFC RFID Shielding Signal Card Holder, RFID Blocking Security Card Holder, from Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd. -28


Main features
RFID anti-scan, NFC anti-write, RFID anti-information leakage, NFC anti-payment, RFID anti-induction
Prevent strong static interference
Prevent strong electromagnetic field damage
Prevent others from maliciously stealing and stealing your personal information
Extend the effective life of smart cards
Waterproof, high temperature resistant, tear resistant, reusable

Scope of use
Suitable for shield protection of various ID cards, Passport, against electromagnetic interference
It is suitable for preventing the destruction of various contactless IC card chip circuits, preventing the leakage of information on the contactless IC card, and preventing the information in the card from being stolen.
It is suitable for preventing the magnetic stripe cards magnetic strip from being damaged by electromagnetic waves, resulting in loss of information.

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