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» NFC-produkter

Custom seg 413 DNA / 424 DNA klistremerke, Data Tamper Resistance, Høy sikkerhet og personvern

NFC-produkter, Sticker / Anti Fake etikett , , , , , ,

produktmodell: HB744

mest 413 DNA chip Half CPU type NFC tag, Data Tamper Resistance, Høy sikkerhet og personvern.

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Viktigste tekniske parametere
chip: NTAG413 DNA(NT4H1321)
kommunikasjonsprotokoll: ISO14443
Arbeide frekvens: 13.56MHz
Lese / skrive-minne: 160-byte
Les og skriv tid: 106kbit MS
tørke livet: 10w ganger
føle~~POS=TRUNC avstand~~POS=HEADCOMP: 2-8cm
Datalagring: >10 år
Arbeidstemperatur: -10° C ~ + 65 ° C
Antall sletting: >100,000 ganger
Materiale: PET / papir belagt
spesifikasjoner: diameter 26/30 / 35mm eller tilpasset
Andre produksjonsprosesser: overflaten skrive ut grafikk, QR-koder, etc.

mest 413 DNA revolutionizes NTAG product portfolio by bringing AES cryptographic authentication and allows to automatically and securely connect to a web service by just tapping the tag without the need of a dedicated app installed on the mobile NFC device.
Besides the NXP originality signature and a 3-pass mutual authentication, it introduces a novel security feature called “Secure Unique NFC Message (SUN)”, which automatically generates tap-unique tag authentication data upon each read-out what enables dedicated unique communication to each user based on predefined criteria. No app (in NFC device) is required to generate this tap-unique data consisting of CMACed information derived from the chip UID, a tap counter and contained data. An NFC enabled device can automatically connect to a web based service and based on the information contained in URL, the device can check the tags authenticity and verify the information validity. mest 413 DNA offers flexibility to individualize the structure of this unique data set.
mest 413 DNA is an ideal solution to engage with consumers through dynamic content expe riences, fully triggered by them and served in real-time. By that it enables smarter marketing based on ongoing contextual and unique consumer engagement opportunities in a secure way. Applications include but are not limited to consumer engagement, brand protection, adgangskontroll, one-time vouchers and similar use cases where the proof of uniqueness, originality and physical tag presence are required.
mest 413 DNA is certified as NFC Forum Type 4 Tag and is also compliant to ISO/IEC14443-4, ISO / IEC 7816-4 file structure and APDUs format. Thanks to the high input capacitance (70pF), mest 413 DNA tag IC is particularly tailored for applications requiring small footprints, without compromise on performance. Small NFC tags can be more easily embedded into e.g. product labels or electronic devices. The mechanical and electrical specifications of NTAG 413 DNA is tailored to meet the requirements of inlay and tag manufacturer.

Secure Unique NFC Message (SUN)
Three AES 128-bit application keys featuring key versions
Incremental NFC Counter, which counts each tap
AES based dynamic CMAC as part of the NDEF data
Three-pass mutual authentication
Plain, CMACed and encrypted communication (configurable)
Secure retrieval of NFC Counter (valgfri)
ECC based NXP originality signature
Tamper-resistant secure hardware


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