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Read card type: EM card or Mifare one card
Reading range: EM: 1~15cm, MF1: 1~7cm
Operating voltage: DC 12V±10%
Operating current: <100mA
External Card Reader: 1 piece (Wiegand26)
Signal output: 1 relay and 1 low level ( anti-demolition alarm )
User capacity: 1000
Working temperature: -10°C~+70°C
Relative humidity: 20%~80%
Overall Dimensions: 125×85×23mm
Weight: 300g

KR30 series metal touch waterproof access control machine adopts non-contact proximity card and password for management access control. It is simple to use and reliable in performance.
KR30 series metal touch waterproof access control adopts metal waterproof enclosure, suitable for outdoor use. New touch key technology, sensitive sensing, strong anti-interference. KR30 series of outdoor metal touch waterproof access control reader, whether it is from the design of the program or the selection of components, has been rigorous screening tests, making the machine more practical and more stable performance. The powerful functions of the machine almost cover the basic functions of the access control machine in the current market, and it is suitable for use in various places. It has been widely used in government agencies, smart buildings, office buildings, high-end apartments, factories, schools, banks, military, prisons and other places.

Metal shell, curved design, beautiful appearance
Waterproof, can be used outdoors
Touch keys
External reader can be connected
Can be used as a card reader, output Wiegand26 signal
Anti-demolition alarm

Main function
Metal waterproof shell, waterproof rating IP65
Touch button adopts new touch technology, sensitive sensing, strong anti-interference ability, and durability
Induction card open door, proximity card and password open the door, passwords open the door, three kinds of open the door
One set of open button interfaces; one set of doorbell interfaces
One set of relay dry contact signal output and a set of PUSH (low level) output;
One set of Wiegand26 interface, can external Wiegand reader; or set to Wiegand26 output, this machine is used as a card reader
Normally open, normally closed and automatic three backlight modes
Can set up the automatic attendance function, can open the door while adding the cards at the same time
With anti-demolition function and safe operation mode

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