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Product model: E600

Printing Card Size: CR80(85.6×54mm), CR90(92×60mm), CR100(98.5×67mm),120×90mm,110×60mm,ID120(120×120mm)

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Technical Specifications
Method: Dye sublimation, Thermal Transfer
Mode: single-side over-the-edge retransfer printing
Resolution: 600dpi
Color: Up to 16.7 million type or 256 colors/pixel
Speed: 60秒
Card Size: CR80(85.6×54mm), CR90(92×60mm), CR100(98.5×67mm),120×90mm,110×60mm,ID120(120×120mm)
Connectivity: Ethenet,USB
Printer Dimension: 376×241×246mm
Weight: 20.4KG
System: WIN XP,WIN 7,WIN 10 32/64
Power Specifications: 100-240 VAC, 60/50Hz, 3.7-3.9/2.9-3.1 AMP, 500 watt Maximum, manual switching
*Allow space (3.5” or 9 cm) in rear of machine for cabling.

Ribbon Type
CMY 500pcs/roll
Transfer film 500pcs/roll
K 500pcs/roll
Language: C,C++,C#,VB.NET
Demo: C,C++,C#,VB.NET Demo;OCX Web Control

The E600 large size card printer, high-definition print resolution -600dpi, you can output high-definition, high-quality pictures on cards of various types and materials. E600 can support CR80, CR90, CR100, ID120 and other standard and non-standard size cards, and supports up to 120×120mm edge-to-edge printing.
The characteristics of the conference ID card mainly include: various layouts; real-name cards - printed with personalized information such as photos, names, etc.; the size is larger than the conventional CR80 (85.6×54mm) size. The E600 oversized ID card printers fully meet your individual requirements.
E600 large-size card printer, in conjunction with the card production management software system, can complete the automatic integrated workflow of collecting portraits, identity information, making card and management, which is very suitable for on-site making card. High-precision, high-quality cards with scratch-resistant, waterproof, fade-resistant, and UV-resistant properties are produced by retransfer technology and special ribbons.

High-precision, high-definition print quality is achieved by sublimation retransfer printing.
Re-transfer technology and special ribbons produce cards that are scratch-resistant, waterproof, fade-resistant, and UV-resistant.
Compatible printing of cards of various sizes is achieved by conversion of card adapters of different sizes.
The all-metal architecture gives you consistent print performance.
Support for printing of multiple types and multiple material cards.



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