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  • RFID Concrete Quality Management Tag, RFID Cement Tracking Management Tag

    Buried Tag/Cement Tag , , , , , ,

    Product model: BY6850

    Possible options: Communication protocol / RF band / IC chip / Size and Thickness / Shape / Surface printing LOGO, Pattern, Number, QR code, etc / with Holes.

    • Specifications
    • Description

    Main technical parameters
    Chip type: low frequency/high frequency/ultra high frequency
    Operating frequency (modulation method): 125KHz/13.56MHz/840~960MHz
    Protocol standard: ISO14443 TypeA/ISO 15693/EPC C1 GEN2, ISO 18000-6C
    Anti-static: prevent static breakdown, withstand voltage above 5000V
    Working years: > 10 years
    Data retention: > 10 years
    Maximum reading range: 20~500mm, depending on reader power, antenna size, orientation and environmental conditions, and packaged chips
    Anti-collision mechanism: suitable for multi-tag reading (Depending on the RF chip model)
    Chip working mode: read/write
    Erasable times: > 100,000 times
    Working temperature: -20℃~+95℃
    Storage temperature: -20℃~+90℃
    Size: 50×50mm, thickness 0.8~1mm, can be customized
    Package material: PET, PVC
    Weight: 3 grams

    The Cement management RFID tags is to implant a chip with radio frequency (RFID) function in the concrete prefabricated part, write the corresponding concrete information data, and through the corresponding acquisition data module, processing data module, transmission data module, display data module, realize remote monitoring of concrete data and eliminate data fraud. At present, RFID technology has gradually become an indispensable technology and management means for cement prefabricated component factories to improve the management level of cement quality system, reduce management costs and enhance core competitiveness.

    RFID Cement Tracking Management Tag, RFID Concrete Quality Management Tag, from Shenzhen Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd.

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